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Best juicer in india

Hello friends, in today’s post you are going to know which is the best juicer in India. We have two ways to extract the juice, one is a traditional method in which you have to extract the juice one by one using your hands, and there is another way in which you remove lice by using electricity.

Traditional juicer: In a traditional juicer, you get a rod in which you place a glass and with the help of your hands juice is extracted. In this method, you will not get good quality juice but your fruits will be wasted. The price of the juicer used in the traditional method is also quite low, it is available around Rs 2000-3000.

The Best juicer in India (slow juicer)

In the modern method, the name of slow juicer is quite parsed, in slow juicer, you get more efficiency at a lower cost or you get a high voltage motor. We have given you the list of 3 best juicers in India.

Here are some of the main features of the juicers that we have selected for you in Best Juicer in India:

  • 240W Copper Winding 50RPm Motor
  • Run time 30 minutes
  • 75db declared sounds

List of best juicer s in India




Kuvings B1700 Dark Silver Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer.

AGARO Imperial Slow Juicer, Professional Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer.

Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer, with Warranty | 240 Watts Motor.

1. Kuvings Juicer

Best juicer in india

1. Efficient and elegance
2. High consumer rating
3. Many mods
4. Light weight
5. No heating problems
1. Little expencive
2. Some time little noisy

In the box of Kuvings, you will get a juicer machine, a juicer strainer, a cleaning kit, and a cling brush. This will come to you in the complete box.

2. Agaro Juicer

Best juicer in india

In the agaro box, you will find a juicer machine, a juicer strainer, a smoothie strainer, an ice cream strainer, a clinic kit, a cleaning brush and a juice and pulp jar. You will get this in the pure box.

1. Reverse functionality
2. High quality juice
3. Low price compare to others
4. Silky design
5. Best performance
6. Low maintenance
1. Cleaning and Maintenance Time
2. Limited color options

3. Hestia Juicer

Best juicer in india

In Hesita also you will get to see the same products as agaro. In Hesita’s box, you will get to see a juicer, a juice machine strainer, a smoothie strainer, an ice cream strainer, a clinic kit a cleaning brush, and a juice and pulp jar.

1. Time saving
2. Easy to use
3. Easy to assemble
4. Silently working
5. An indian Brand
6. Worth buying
1. Quite heavy in weight
2. Crushing seeds

How to use best juicer in india

First of all, assemble the juicer. To assemble it, follow the user manual which you will get along with the juicer. After putting any fruit in the juicer you have to press the button of normal i.e. forward motion which will be available in the juicer and if you press this button towards the bottom you will get reverse motion. Reverse motion is used when pulp stops inside the juicer. After the juicer machine runs, you have to keep the juice jar and pulp jar at the right place so that the juice can go into the jar and the pulp can go into the pulp jar.

Difference between slow juicer and regular juicer

Slow Juicer: In a slow juicer, juice is extracted finely. It is possible to extract juice from all fruits, vegetables and natural gas. Slow juicer is quite expensive. It extracts juice in a slower process than regular juicer, To extract juice in a slow juicer, the vegetable or fruit must already have some moisture.

Regular Juicer: The speed of regular juicer is more than slow juicer. It gives you a clean juice but it does not purify the juice. The price of regular juicer is also slightly less than slow juicer.

Conclusion of Best juicer in india:

Today we have told you in our post best juicer in India that what is the best juicer in India for you, these are the top 3 juicers of India which will give you high quality juice and their service is also very good. This juicer may be a little expensive but it will be worth your purchase.

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