The Walabot Review – 3D Imaging Device Gives You X-Ray Vision


Walabot DIY is a 3D imaging detector that magnetically attaches to your smartphone and, lets you see throughout your walls like Superman, to see the location of wires, figurines, pipes and perhaps even unwanted house guests. Walabot review will show all the capabilities of this device. Even if you have concrete walls, it can tell you perfectly what is hiding behind.

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About Walabot review

It's developed by Vayyar, a company specializing in 3 d imaging that first acquired the technology for its medical industry to be utilized in breast cancer screenings.

When you have you locked your phone into the Walabot sensor (it pulls its power from your own handset via USB) and activated the companion program, then you have a choice of 3 manners. Let's take a in-depth look at Walabot review and find is it worth buying.

Map Mode gives you an extensive overview of the structures in your wall and also will likely function as the first port of call, then which you can dive deeper with Images Mode, which will tell you if that which you are seeing is your stud, pipe or wire.

List Of things which can you do with a Walabot DIY?

Even the Walabot DIY can find wiring pipes, pipes, and also everything you'd like to find behind your own walls. Using the device, you can:

  • Look for leaks.
  • Also, Look for structural damage.
  • Look for broken pipes.
  • Detect rats and other creatures.
  • The Walabot DIY can detect movement behind walls, helping you locate nests and rodents.

Each Walabot DIY package comes with:

  • Walabot DIY sensor
  • microUSB cable
  • Magnetic disc
  • Protective plastic sheet
  • Manual/instructions

How Walabot DIY Actually work?

walabot review

When you buy your Walabot DIY, you'd want to download the Android app for it and then make a merchant account. Attach the Walabot DIY to a smartphone and you are prepared to calibrate the Walabot DIY. This Walabot review might help you learning more about the device.

Usually do not worry, calibrating the device is very simple and if you have used an analog stud finder before, you'd find the procedure quite familiar.

The images it gives you might be very exact, and you would know if it's really a pipe which the Walabot DIY is seeing or wires, or something else.

This is just excellent for those who are thinking about renovating their homes, or people who love DIY projects. This also comes in rather helpful for people who are interested in architecture and construction.


The Walabot DIY can see through up to 4 inches of concrete! You can identify the location of reinforcing steel, conduits or every additional hidden material in a sea or wrought iron.

It's child's play for the Walabot DIY to see through drywall or plaster. Would you imagine exactly how this convenient tool can let you realize what you stand up against before you demolish a wall to generate a larger opening?

It's equipped with multiple sensitivity settings so that you can get accurate readings.

Since it's working in conjunction with your smartphone, you can snap still photos of what Walabot DIY is *seeing*. If you make pencil marks onto the wall at the location of exactly where you can snap the screenshot, you may take a look in your stored photos afterward to remind you what's where behind the drywall, plaster or concrete.

Do you've got insects like mice or flying squirrels living in the walls? Walabot DIY may view them and tell you just in which the nests are now!


At this time that the Walabot DIY operates only with Android smartphones.

Visit the Walabot DIY website to find out if your phone, also its operating system, will encourage this mystical tool which will help you save you from calling in a plumber or electrician to fix exactly what you ruined with this specific reciprocating saw blade, chipping hammer, or even sledge-hammer blow off!


What you would love about Walabot DIY

Unlike other imaging devices which are now available, the Walabot DIY is not bulky. You can find the capabilities of high-end stud finders and imaging processes. You purchase 3D imaging conveniently and easily without having to pay top dollar for it.

On top of them, it is very tiny and mobile. With the magnet on the casing, you can work the Walabot DIY device and your own smartphone as one unit.

Everything about using the Walabot DIY is extremely straightforward. You don't have to be concerned about wiring, as you merely will need to join it to a smartphone using the included USB cable. Each of the settings and tweaks is done using the smartphone. Also, Check here Walabot DIY Review.

Besides, you have easy-to-follow instructions provided for you personally about the mobile app itself or you could watch videos from the firm's website to find out to employ your own Walabot DIY.

Moreover, it can not use x-ray technologies, which tends to make it very secure and you can utilize it without ionizing radiation.

In short, this is actually a secure and portable device that gives you fantastic 3 d images that you may use on the home renovation or home improvement requirements.

What Might be better

Walabot DIY is just available for Android devices. There is currently no more iOS version, however, you will find still plans to emerge with one. This could mean the following few months of waiting, nevertheless.

Walabot DIY comes with a pretty steep price tag at $149 (To find the latest prices and discounts, assess here), actually for a high-tech tool. If you are going to use it exclusively like a stud finder, and then you'd find it possible to save buying a Craftsman Wall Scanner with CenterVision for $45 (For the latest prices and discounts, assess the following), or some Stanley fatmax Stud Sensor for $30 (for your latest prices and discounts, assess here).

Also, the mobile app that it uses does not really do much better. It permits one to tweak the settings to the device and receive yourself a photo of the things under the wall surface, but it is very similar to it. Not that there are additional features that we might think of this would be a superior thing to add.

It is likewise quite misleading to say that the Walabot DIY mobile program works on almost any Android device. It works with later versions of Android, such as the 5.0 Lollipop, the 6.0 Marshmallow, and the 7.0 Nougat. That way earlier Android devices wouldn't be able to conduct the mobile program.


I’m going to talk about the pro’s and con’s of this blender to hopefully be able to inform other consumers in the best possible way. You can also check this Walabot review on Amazon.


  • Can see behind drywall or concrete board
  • Android app available
  • Helps a lot in home renovation


  • Expensive
  • Mediocre results
  • Requires Android smartphone w/micro USB port

Summary of Walabot review

I had the opportunity to utilize the WalabotDIY at my own home. 36 months ago I created a man cave/newbie radio shack above my garage. The brand new walls I built was loaded with electric cables and some conducted at bizarre angles within the wall socket.

To keep my cave warm, I stuffed the walls full of rock wool insulation. I believed that would be a fantastic evaluation as finding things in hollow wall cavities is the easiest of activities for an imaging tool.

It took no time whatsoever of the WalabotDIY to calibrate itself and go on the hunt for its 120-volt cables.

As I slid the sensor across the wall, the display screen shifted and lo and behold it confirmed me exactly where the electric wires have been nailed to the claws and angling over one among those spaces between your studs. I was impressed.

I had decent results with the tool. It has a little bit to receive used to working it. You want to be certain to read all the instructions that come with it and onto their website. It takes some practice to get a feel for what you watch to the screen appears to inside the wall. BE PATIENT when working with it and also you also should get respectable results.

This sure would have come in handy last winter when I had to cut into my basement floor slab. I have PEX heating pipes in the concrete and couldn't manage to hit one with the chipping hammer drill bit!

Hope you like my Walabot review according to me it is a sure buy device for your home security and other things.



    • You can use any android above 5.0 that will work perfectly with walabot DIY 3D Imaging and you will be able to see through walls and obstacles.

    • Yes, Walabot will allow you to see through any obstacle you put this device on your mobile but it cannot look beyond 2 obstacles.


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