Voltas VB P15M Personal 15-Litres Air Cooler In-Depth Review 2017


The Voltas VB P15M Personal Cooler is the most efficient and good cooling cooler you can find on the market today. With increasing temperatures and the sweltering heat around us, all one requires at home or is a cool and convenient escape to get some comfort from the heat outside. This powerful air cooler is exactly what you need to buy this summer. This cooler has a 1-year warranty from the producer and is now available online for purchase on various e-commerce sites at an affordable price.

Now enjoy cool air supply while saving money on your power bills with VoltasVB P15M Desert Cooler. It is a highly energy efficient device that comes with air throw distance of 20 feet. It has a huge water tank capacity of 15 liters and comes with an AutoFill function. You can easily move this device within the room or from one room to another using its castor wheels. It has a velocity control and swings control feature that helps you in managing the settings based on your environment. Purchase this Voltas device at best price from e-commerce and get 1-year manufacturer warranty on the product.

Engineered with advanced functions of honeycomb pad for best cooling and castor wheels for easy portability, the Voltas VB-P15M 15 liters Personal Cooler is top of the class. The appliance scores high on customer contentment with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year on the device and is also eco-friendly with features of power usage of only 155 Watts.  This air cooler is attributed with an Airflow of 200-meter cube per hour to give you with highest cooling comfort and effortless ease of activity.

You can purchase this room cooler online on e-commerce sites at a very cheap price. Another function that sets this cooler apart is the fact that it can also run on the inverter when there is an electricity cut.consumes more than 15 liters of clean water on a 10 hour hot working day. Also, check here voltas cooler price.

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Voltas VB P15M 15-Litres 155-Watt Air Cooler

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Product Description

 Model VB P15M
Stars Rating 3
Power 155 Watts
Color White 
Weight 11 kg

Features Of Voltas VB P15M Personal Air Cooler

Cooling Capacity

The Voltas VB-P15M 15 liters Personal Cooler has a tank capacity of 15 liters that attributes to high powered cooling to provide you respite in uncomfortable conditions of blistering heat and humidity. Also, check here voltas cooler price.

Speed Control

The Voltas VB-P15M 15 liters Personal Cooler exhibits a speed setting of 3 variations of High, Medium, and Low types to offer you ease of operation.

Mosquito and Dust Filter

This portable air cooler from Voltas comes with a dust and mosquito filter and therefore, gives you fresh, dirt and dust free air. This will help you breathe pollution-free air devoid of allergens, germs and dust particles. This will keep you healthy.

Powerful Air Throw

The Voltas VB-P15M 15 liters Personal Cooler is made with strong air throw with a distance of 7.01 m to offer you strong cooling attributes. The air throw works at body level and works on the inverter for your comfort. Hence, you can desire to bring down the temperature of a huge room without much difficulty. So be it your bedroom or living or even your outdoor patio, you can cool down the air with much ease.

Other Important Features

The Voltas personal cooler usually comes with an accessory bag having 4 castor wheels as well as user manual to give you maximum ease of operation. This cooler from Voltas also generates less noise, so you can now rest, study or work in comfort without being disturbed. It is very important that you clean the air cooler at regular intervals to make sure it functions properly and cools effectively.Also, check here voltas cooler price.

Pros & Cons:


  • Air flow 1200m³/hr
  • Powerful blower with water level indicator
  • 3 Speeds: High/Med/Low
  • Air throw at body level and works on inverter
  • Honeycomb pad for optimum cooling and castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Powerful Air Throw Distance: 15feet


  • Humidity/Coolness caption on the button is not same.
  • water refilling is little tricky, not straight forward

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Customer Reviews And Ratings

“Helpful, I live in Kerala where humidity s high, using this for the last 1month it reduces heat a little bit.have to fill the tank every night. Overall a value for money product.” – Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

“It is a very useful and functional device that is also delivered in a very short time by Amazon.“– Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

If you are looking for low budget air cooler without much hesitation, the Voltas VB P15M Personal air cooler is a great quality for you. Also, check here voltas cooler price here I discovered 50 client reviews at the time of exploring this item and they had granted this air fryer 3 stars out of 5 stars. The client surveys are sure generally speaking. However, there were a couple of negative points that are raised. One client said, ” Service part is horrible, and they never even bother to address your issue once after the sale”.However, nobody else appears to have encountered similar challenges, so maybe it isn't a significant issue. So overall it worths purchasing.


TheVoltas VB P15M Personal air cooler is one of the best selling air cooler as it has all the necessary functions installed within itself. This product is not only available at an affordable price but also one can buy them online. Also, check here voltas cooler price.



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