Top 10 Bosch Drill Machines In India Customer Reviews & Ratings


Bosch since 1993 has been providing all types of Power Tools in India. This Brand has emerged to be the leading leaders in the power tools industry. Bosch is a complete solution for all range of powerful tools, whether that is for metalworking industry, construction, and woodworking.  Bosch is one of the leading brands among the other companies who fulfill the requirements of the professional users all across the country.Check this Bosch drill machines price list.

Top 10 Bosch Drilling Machine Comparison Table

Bosch-0611.23A.0K0-081-Rotary-Hammer-DrillBosch 0611.23A
Weight - 3.5 kg
Price - 3.3 k - 4.4 k
Power - 800 W
Bosch-18V-Brushless-Hybrid-Impact-Drive-an-WrenchBosch 18V Brushless
Weight - 2 Kg
Price - 21 k -22 k
Power - 500 W
Bosch-GSB21-2RE-Impact-Driver-(13 mm)Bosch GSB21-2RE
Weight - 4.5 Kg
Price - 12 k - 13 K
Power - 500W
Bosch GBM 13
Weight - 1.7Kg
Price - 3.3 K - 5 k
Power - 600 W
bosch-gsb-re-450-watt-kit-carton-box Bosch GSB RE
Weight - 3.5 kg
Price - 2.7 k - 4.2 k
Power - 800 W

Apart from all the powerful tools Bosch, the division also deals with cordless tools and also supports with various products. The Bosch provides a comprehensive range of the accessories. For the very first time in India, the brand has come up with the innovative tools for Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts as well.

Bosch has introduced the power tools which are designed to save all your electrical and physical energy, yet delivers the highest quality performance. The designers of these tools have designed it in a way that these tools are compact and weigh quite less.  The manufacturers of these mini powerful machines run on the environment-friendly lithium ionic technology. The Bosch manufacturers have established a name in the industrial sectors like construction, automotive, home interiors, and manufacturing. Thus, Bosch drill machines are offering best possible solutions to both engineering applications and industrial that includes cutting, polishing, screw driving, drilling, grinding, sanding and many others. There are more 350 tools that include cordless Bosch drill machines, screwdrivers, rotary hammers, impact wrenches, surveying equipment, and range finders.


Best Drilling Machine In India

Top 10 Drilling Machine

Are you searching for a Bosch Drill Machines? Here is a list of suggestion that you can keep in mind before you order one for yourself.


#1 Bosch 0611.23A.0K0-081 Rotary Hammer Drill

As a technician, you have an idea that more power is required to drill hard materials. If you work as a professional driller you need more hard to use tools than for the household purposes. With this thought, Bosch drill machines have come up  to provide you an extra power so that your work is simplified. It has a power consumption of 800 Watt and weighs 3.5 kg. Get this professional drilling machine in Rs. 19,370.

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#2 Bosch 18V Brushless Hybrid Impact Driver And Wrench Review


Are you looking for Bosch drill machines which is highly innovated and built with solid craftsmanship? Then this review of the Bosch IDH182-02L 18 volt, is definitely an answer to all your searches. It is a highly recommended for all the professionals. You will soon discover that the battery packs and the tool provide a better hold and thin grip. The device will cost you around Rs. 15,321 and trust me this product is worth every single penny of yours.

#3 Bosch GSB21-2RE Impact Driver (13 mm)

Bosch-GSB21-2RE-Impact-Driver-(13 mm)

Most of the drills that are available in the market have the standard power of 500 watts. But if you need a little more powerful tool to use for the professional purpose, then devices which are of 600 to 700 watt are suggested to you. This is one among those extra power tools to help you out. Easy design and handling of the device turn this Bosch drill machines into a purposeful drilling Machine. You need to afford this machine in Rs. 12,000. Get it now!

#4 Bosch – Skil F012.261.2JG-081 Pistol Grip Drill Review


The machine is designed to make you fall in love with the quick chuck change and in fact, you can use a 1/2 inch socket provided with a hexadecimal bit and there is no need of adapters, yes you can call it two tools in one! A nice grip and the plastic body perfectly fit in your hand and don’t slip away at work. The Bosch drill machines can be yours just in Rs. 8,908. Don’t wait for much to buy this product!

#5 Bosch GBM 13 RE Professional Pistol Grip Drill (13 mm)


This is another mini power device that can be used for domestic or semi-professional purposes. The device weighs 1.7 kg, indeed quite light to use and handle. These Bosch drill machines are unbeatable when it comes to performance data. The device consumes 360 Watt power. Choose either blue or black color for this device. Order this for Rs. 3,090.

#6 Bosch GSB RE 450-Watt Kit Review


Bosch GSB RE 450-Watt Kit is a perfect tool box for all your garage necessities. The company provides you with a 6 months warranty. This device is easy to use with the drilling diameter of around 10 millimeters. The machine is made up of MS and Plastic, so no worries of getting an electric shock from this device. The device comes under Rs. 2,298.00. Don’t let this deal slip out of your hands. Order now!

#7 Bosch GSB 10 RE Pistol Grip Drill (10 mm)  


Bosch offers a huge range of drilling machines to choose from. Another mind blowing drill machine that is manufactured by Bosch is Bosch GSB 10 RE Pistol Grip Drill, a user-friendly tool to solve your minor drilling problems. Want to hang your new photo frame in your drawing room? Order this pistol gripping tool to drill the drawing room wall and hang your favorite photographs to flaunt. This is the cheap and best deal, within a pocket of Rs. 2,199. Hurry up and get this pistol gripped mini driller in your hands!

#8 GSB 501 Professional Impact Drill Review


This Bosch Drill machine is ever the best one in the market till this date. Compact in design and affordable in power, a perfect buy for all the users who are searching for a tool that is to be used at home. These Bosch drill machines have a drilling diameter of 10 mm. and the device comes only in Rs. 1900, the power of 500 watts. Not a bad deal right? Go order one for your home!

#9 Skil (By Bosch) Impact Drill Machine – 6513 JP (13mm)

Bosch drill machines

This mini drill an absolute tool that is required for the users, you can use this drilling device at your home or you can just simply use it for professional purposes. This drill is perfect to penetrate on solid surfaces. This drilling machine fits in for the domestic use purposes within a budget of Rs. 1,619. So, grab this mini-power to stay easy with your drilling projects.

#10 Bosch – Skil F015.651.0JD-081 Impact Driver Review

Bosch drill machines

Ergonomic Designed device, features as a corded device with a power requirement of 450 watts. This machine has drilling diameter of 10 mm. BOSCH – SKIL F015.651.0JD-081 Impact Driver, works superfluously at the workplace or even at home. The device comes with a 6 months warranty for all the manufacturing defects. Easy to use and maintain under Rs. 1600. Go for it!


Decide which Bosch drill machines carries the most usage to you according to your purposes. Bosch in itself does not need a justification why anyone of you must go for Bosch. It’s simply a matter of usage and purpose for which you need these drill machines.


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