Top 4 Best Portable AC In India Price List & Buyer’s Guide 2017


Portable air conditioners are an adaptable, efficient, and relatively inexpensive appliances to cool your home help to get rid of hot days and humid evenings. Decent appliances not only help you to make your days and night pleasant but also saves your costs too.

4 Best Portable Air Conditioners In India Comparison Table

Lloyd 1 Ton
2.529 k- 39 k1 Ton
1.544.8 k - 54 k 1 Ton
Paradis Portable AC
2.629.8 k - 36 k 1 Ton
Paradis Paradis 100
326.8 k - 36 k 1.5 Ton

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Top 4 Portable Air Conditioners In India Reviews

Following are the best portable air conditioners having very good reviews and rating.

#1 Lloyd 1 Ton LP12TN Portable Air Conditioner

Lloyd 1 Ton LP12TN Portable Air Conditioner


  1. Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T Portable Air Conditioner is an exceptionally proficient and it incorporates advanced functions that give you most extreme cooling.
  2. when contrasted with the ordinary portable air conditioner, the new Lloyd 1 Ton LP12T makes less clamor and furthermore brings about less power utilization.
  3. With the capacity of 1 ton, this portable air conditioner accompanies 12000 BTU/H, which makes it reasonable to be utilized for the life with around 400 sq. ft.The very productive Rotary Compressor and R22 Refrigerant help this portable AC by Llyod in giving ideal cooling execution.
  4. With No Bucket Design, the advanced Llyod's LP12T comprises of different easy to understand features like Auto-Swing, Sleep Mode, Auto Restart and so forth.

Product Information

Brand Lloyd
Model B015QHLXX4
Price Range 29 k- 39 k
Capacity 1 Ton
Stars rating 2.5

Pros and cons


  • Good Look
  • Portable


  • Could not able to cool the room instantly
  • High electricity consuming
  • Water on the floor

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#2 AMFAH 1 Ton Air Conditioner Review



  1. AMFAH INDIA is a Group Company of AMFAH GENERAL LLC Dubai and was formed in 2008 having base workplaces at Mumbai, New Delhi.
  2. The Company could set up all India sales and service network by delegating channel and trade partners.
  3. The organization is known for presenting scope of the exclusive class of items in Indian market like local/Commercial Dehumidifiers, Air Purifiers and Portable Air Conditioners.
  4. With “Global Warming” influencing overall including India, AMFAH INDIA is the first mover in identifying the issues identified with quickly expanding humidity/dampness and air contamination issues.

Product Information

Brand Amfah
Model AMF-PAC-12K/M
Price Range 44.8 k – 54 k
Capacity 1 Ton
Energy Stars rating 1.5

Pros and cons


  • It is an easy to use the product.
  • An 8×8 room can be cooled
  • Can be moved to another place


  • Service network is poor.
  • Very little details provided with this product.

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#3 Paradis Portable AC – Paradis 150



  1. Enjoy a lovely feeling at home this summer with this portable air conditioner from the place of Paradis. One of the best aspects about Paradis 1.5TR is movability which permits you to utilize it in any room according to your benefit. You can purchase this item at a low cost on e-commerce
  2. .The Paradis 1.5TR is a convenient variation which gives you the accommodation and opportunity to move it starting with one room then onto the next according to the necessity.
  3. The maintenance of this AC to is simply not at all like different ACs as it can without much of a stretch be transported starting with one room then onto the next. This variation of portable air conditioners additionally spares all of you the inconvenience of trouble on the divider or investing hours in setting it up.

Product Information

Brand Paradis
Model Paradis 150
Price Range  29.8 k – 36 k
Capacity 1 Ton
Stars rating 2.6

Pros and cons


  • Highly Portable AC (Does work of 3 Acs)
  • Easy Movement & Setup
  • Lower power consumption over 5 star AC and much more


  • Auto clean function not available.


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#4 Paradis Paradis 100 Portable AC Review

Paradis 100 Portable AC (White)


  1. This AC offers fuss-free operation as it features different capacities that make it simple and helpful for you. It has an LCD front panel show which helps you to control the machine and furthermore monitor the temperature in the room.
  2. It also proves to be useful while setting a timer and changing modes.This air conditioner from Paradis also accompanies an auto restart work which helps you to set a timer for the air conditioner to return on when needed.
  3. The Paradis 1.5TR has a power necessity of 220 to 240 volts which is advantageous as it is the ordinary supply at home. It also has a cooling working current of 5.3 alongside a power utilization of 0.99 with vitality spare up to 0.3.

Product Information

Brand Paradis
Model Paradis 100
Price Range  Rs 26.8 k – 36 k
Capacity 1 Ton
Energy Stars rating 3

Pros and cons


  • Highly Portable AC (Does work of 3 ACS)
  • Easy Movement & Setup


  • Plastic parts are of poor quality.

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Why Portable Air Conditioners Are Popular?

Portable air conditioners are getting to be distinctly popular as a result of their generally straightforward installation, no requirement to construct pipes as with ducted air conditioning units, drill hole in the divider as in through-the-divider cooling units, or take up some parts of the window surface, for example, required with the window cooling units.

Types of Portable Air Conditioners

1.Single Hosed Units

Portable a/c's have to be vented. Hot air is removed from the rear of the unit through a single hose (hence the name) to a vent kit.

2.Double Hosed Units

In these units, one hose is utilized as an inlet to acquire extra air, while the other is utilized to vent hot air. Compact air conditioner models utilizing the double hoses usually have a higher cooling BTU, and offer all the more cooling. With these higher BTU units, an inlet hose is expected to acquire more air, because of the fact that bigger quantity of air is pushed through the unit, and exhausts hot air speedier.

3.Heat and Cool Units

Heat and cooling alternatives are offered by portable air conditioners with an additional Heating function. Heating is given by turning around the rule that is utilized to cool the air. Cool air is depleted from the rear, and warm air is blown out of the front of the unit. However, if the temperature of the room falls underneath 50 degrees Fahrenheit, this function won't warm the room adequately.

4.Dehumidifying Units

Most portable air conditioners deplete moisture through the exhaust hose, and a few units are particularly made with a “dehumidifier” mode. Such versatile air conditioners will go about as a devoted dehumidifier. They will expel substantially more moisture shape a room, and still cool effectively.

Final Verdict

When you need better cooling or you cannot install conventional air conditioners because of impracticality or cost, a portable air conditioner is a great solution. Portable air conditioners can be moved from room to room. They do not require permanent installation. All you need to do to make sure the portable air conditioners work properly is vent it through a window or wall. Go through portable air conditioner price list carefully. After a lot of research, our team has found the best portable air conditioners for your home. I recommend this Paradis Paradis 100 Portable AC,  just because of its elegant design and its energy efficiency.


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