Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney In India Price List & Buying Guide 2017

Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney in India

The cooking occupation is difficult in India, you need to do frying oil and to for Tadka, you have to utilize Masala's which make bunches of grime over your kitchen interior. But, for that we can't change the cooking style, we should get a long lasting solution which sucks the grime of cooking and keep our roof and kitchen tiles clean. With the help of chimney for the kitchen, one can make the clean condition in the kitchen. We will give you all necessary details that you will need while selecting the best kitchen chimney In India for your kitchen.

Best Kitchen Chimney in India Comparison Table

Elica Kitchenhood - TCG BF 60 NERO
Elica TCG BF 60 NERO
11.5 k - 14 k 1100 m3/hr3.5
Glen-GL-6075-Kitchen-Stainless Steel Chimney
Glen GL 6075
7 k - 8 k 1000 m³/h3.3
Bright Flame Flame
6 k - 10 k 1100 m³/h3.1
Hindware Cleo 60
14 k - 15 k 1200 m3/h3.4
Surya Td 1400M3
9 k - 10 k 1400 m3/h3.5
Hindware Nevio 90
13 k - 14 k 1200 m3/h3.3
Glen 6062 Kitchen Chimney
15 k - 16 k 1000 m3/hr4.3
Hindware-KA-Cooke- Hood-C100082-Pacific-CF-Chimney
Hindware KA Cooker
7 k - 8 k 1000 m3/h4
9 k - 13 k 760 m3/hr3
Elica Kitchen Chimney
9 k -10 k
1100 m3/h 3.1

Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney For Home Reviews

We have listed here top best kitchen chimney which has very good features and they are also best seller online. after carefully checking their reviews and rating by our expert team we have listed here these products.

#10 Elica Kitchenhood – TCG BF 60 NERO

Elica Kitchenhood - TCG BF 60 NERO


  1. Elica's TCG BF 60 NERO Kitchen hood and transform your kitchen into the sharpest place in the house. Relieving and vitality effective LED lights to give you idealize see on the inherent hob.
  2. A capable Perimetric suction, low commotion level, the inconspicuous plan makes this an ideal for each kitchen in India. Transform your kitchen into a tidy and oil free place, and include style with this flawlessly outlined and capable chimney.
  3. It has an effective perimetric suction. Shop with certainty! Kick back and appreciate shopping while this item is conveyed for nothing at your doorstep.

Product Information

 Brand Elica
 Model TCG BF 60 NERO
 Suction Capacity 1100 m3/hr
 Price Range 11.5 k – 14 k
 Energy Star Ratings.0 3.5

Pros and cons


  • Lamps : Energy efficient LED 2 x 1.5W
  • Color/Finish – Stainless Steel/Silver
  • Filters : Baffle Filters


  • Not Known to me.

#9 Glen GL 6075 Kitchen Stainless Steel Chimney – 60cm / 1000 m3/hr

Glen GL 6075 Kitchen Stainless Steel Chimney


  1. The Glen GL 6075 SS 1000 m³/hr Cooker Hood best kitchen chimney – Silver is a distinct must-have for your home. It is expertly made from premium materials that guarantee dependable use.
  2. This best kitchen chimney in stainless steel complete is furnished with a bewilder channel. With push catch controls, it gives total comfort.
  3. The warm over-burden defender guarantees complete safety. This is one of the best kitchen chimney

Product Information

Brand Glen
Model 60751000
Price Range 7 k – 8 k
Suction Capacity 1000 m³/h
 Stars rating 3.3

Pros and cons


  • A Bold Classic Hood Cast in Matt Steel
  • Size 60 cms
  • Airflow 1000 m³/h
  • Italian motor with TOP
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Maintenance is costly.


#8 Bright Flame Flame Kitchen Chimney Review – Z-Black 1100M3/Hr & Lifetime Warranty

Bright Flame Flame Kitchen Chimney


  1. Presenting the Bright Flame Lotus Z-Black 60 cm Stainless Steel Hood best kitchen chimney, the ideal combination of class, style and unmatched utility.
  2. The apparatus has been pressed with elements that will make your life inside the kitchen significantly simpler. What's more is that the best kitchen chimney arrives in a current dark color, supplementing your cutting edge outline needs.
  3.  kitchen machine.Best quality metal has used to cut out this Bright Flame Lotus Z-Black Hood best kitchen chimney. The overwhelming obligation metal utilized is built to keep going for a lifetime and require a negligible measure of upkeep.
  4. The metal is hued dark to emit a present day configuration offer. This additionally guarantees predictable quality and execution of the item during all conditions.
 Brand Bright Flame
 Model BrightFlame Kitchen Chimney- Z Balck
Suction Capacity 1100 m³/h
 Price Range 6 k – 10 k
 Star Ratings 3.1

Pros and cons


  • Three Speed Feather Touch Push Button for Speed Control
  • Suction Capacity ± 1100m 3/hr
  • 1 Motor of ± 230 Watts Motor,
  • Noise Level ± 55 – 61 dbA ± 24 Watts Lamps


  • Not up to the expected quality.

#7 Hindware Cleo 60 Chimney Review (60 cm, 1200 m3/h)

Hindware Cleo 60 Chimney


  1. It's very basic and essential to have a protected and proficient approach to control the fumes of hurtful gasses. A great deal of smoke and undesirable gasses are created amid cooking.
  2. A decent and solid chimney system is an absolute necessity have for guaranteeing a sheltered kitchen condition. Presently with the Hindware hood chimney, you can undoubtedly keep you kitchen without smoke and unscented.
  3. The brand of Hindware presents to you this top quality chimney with a 1-year guarantee. They are anything but difficult to introduce and arrive in an exceptional plan.
  4. Presently you can purchase the Hindware hood chimney online through amazon at an incredibly moderate cost. This is one of the best kitchen chimney

Product Information

Brand Hindware
Model Cleo 60
Price Range 14 k – 15 k
Suction Capacity 1200 m3/h
 Stars rating 3.4

Pros and cons


  • Auto Shut On/Off
  • Lighting System
  • Suction control for variable airflow


  • No lights for illumination


#6 Surya Td 1400M3 Electric Chimney Review

Surya Td 1400M3 Electric Chimney


  1. This accompanies Lot of Safety Feature like Gas Sensor, Smoke Sensor, and Flame Sensor in Case of any mishappening it can begin naturally and shield your home from any Fire Issues. and in addition, it can begin naturally if it faculties Smoke.
  2. It likewise has clock feature with sound. This additionally has Programmed for Clock and Timer in the event that you are in Hurry to leave your home instantly in the wake of cooking you can utilize clockwork it can expel exhaust from your home and kitchen and close down naturally subsequent to cleaning the air in your home.

Product Information

Brand Surya
Model TD 1400M3
Price Range 9 k – 10 k
Suction Capacity 1400 m3/h
Energy Stars rating 3.5

Pros and cons


  • Dust bag full indicator
  • 5 stage filtration process
  • 2 in 1 multifunctional small brush shown in the image is part of the vacuum cleaner and placed on the back side near the cord winding button
  • Portable and stylish vacuum cleaner
  • Suction control on handle to control the airflow


  • Needs atleast 60 cm to fit properly.


#5 Hindware Nevio 90 Chimney (90 cm, 1200 m3/h, Silver)

Hindware Nevio 90 Chimney


  1. The kitchen is the primary working some portion of our home. During cooking, undesirable gasses or scents from the food items are blended with air and feels uncomfortable to us. This is the issue that happens in each house because of the uncalled for ventilation framework.For tackling this issue,
  2. For tackling this issue, amazon offers Hindware Nevio chimney at a reasonable rate in the market. The ideal outline of the solid auto clean chimney gives a more noteworthy viability. This Hindware Nevio chimney ingests the smoke and vapor from the cooking things and does not permit the gasses to spread over the whole house.
  3. The programmed clean chimney hood is accessible in rich white shading which will expand the inside excellence of the kitchen. Hindware Nevio chimney is the third era Auto Clean Technology Chimney.

Product Information

Brand   Hindware
Model Nevio 90
Price Range 13 k – 14 k
Suction Capacity 1200 m3/h
 Stars rating 3.3

Pros and cons


  • Suction Capacity (in m3/hr): 1200 m3/hr
  • Filter: Baffle Filter
  • Dimension in cm: 60 x 50 x 50 (L x W x H)
  • Features: Touch Controls, LED Lamps, Heating Auto Clean
  • 3 Speed Touch Control Operation, Glass-inox Finish


  • Installation charges are not included.


#4 Glen 6062 Kitchen Chimney Stainless Steel – 60 Cm

Glen 6062 Kitchen Chimney Stainless Steel


  1. Spruce up the environment in your kitchen with the Glen 6062 Black 60CM 1000 BF.
  2. The chimney deals with a powerful engine that gives effectiveness at evacuating smoke and gives enduring execution.
  3. The bewilder channel keeps within free from clean and obstructing. Including push catch controls, the chimney's settings can be conformed to suit your needs.
  4. This chimney has a finely created glass wrap up. It is perfect for utilization every day while cooking or warming food. This is the best chimney in India.

Product Information

Brand Glen
Model 606260
Price Range 15 k – 16 k
Suction Capacity 1000 m3/hr
Stars rating 4.3

Pros and cons


  • A Sleek Look, Modern and Attractive, Chimney in Glass & Steel
  • Air Flow(m3/h): 1000, Size(cm) : 60
  • Filter: Baffle Filter, Speed: 3-Push Buttons
  • Italian motor with TOP, FRP housing Warranty : Lifetime manufacturer warranty


  • Installation not included.


#3 Hindware KA Cooker Hood C100082 Pacific CF Chimney Review

Hindware KA Cooke Hood C100082 Pacific CF Chimney


  1. This festive season, gift yourself or your adored one this Hindware Pacific chimney. We cherish the odor of rarities drifting through the air from the kitchen even before they are laid out on the table.
  2. It is, in this way, basic to protect it from smoke and vapor and furthermore keep it scent free.Remembering this angle, Besides it smooth look, it is energy-proficient and, in this manner, helps you to eliminate the month to month cost brought about upon your power utilization.
  3. It likewise accompanies a 12-month maker's guarantee. Besides, you would likewise get an extra 5-year guarantee on the engine of this chimney on its buy.
  4. Thus, having a beautiful and smokeless kitchen is currently simple, because of this chimney from the store of Hindware.
 Brand Hindware
 Model C100082
 Suction Capacity 1000 m3/h
 Price Range 7 k – 8 k
 Star Ratings 4

Pros and cons


  • It has a width of 60 cm and is equipped with metal blowers, along with 2 halogen lamps. It comes in a shade of silver and stainless steel finish adds to its appeal.
  • It comes with 1000 M3 suction and has push button controls with 3 different speed variations. 
  • Keeping your kitchen beautiful and grease-free is now an easy task, thanks to the cassette filters of this Hindware Pacific chimney.


  • Customer service is not good.

#2 PRESTIGE DKH 600 CS (B-Series) Kitchen Chimney Review

PRESTIGE DKH 600 CS Kitchen Chimney


  1. Prestige Royale Kitchen Hoods are designed to suit your specifications offering a modern answer for your kitchen.
  2. Notoriety Chimney DKH 600 CS mixes superbly with your present day kitchen.
  3. It has a glossy silk complete stainless steel body, 760m 3D shape/hour suction capacity, 200 watts engine, two aluminum metal oil filters and two LED lights for brightening.

Product Information

 Brand Prestige
 Model PRESTIGE DKH 600 CS (B-Series) Chimney
 Suction Capacity 760 m3/hr
Price Range 9 k – 13 k
Star Ratings 3.0

Pros and cons


  • Satin Finish Stainless Steel Body
  • 760 m3/hr suction capacity
  • 200 watts motor, 2 LED lamps
  • 2 Baffle filters, 2 Years Warranty


  • Suction is not good.


# 1 Elica Kitchen Chimney 

Elica Kitchen Chimney


  1. Improve the look of your kitchen with the enchanting outline of Glace kitchen chimney! This chimney is your ticket to a bother free cooking background.
  2. Persistent introduction to smoke and solid fragrances influences your well-being, this chimney is intended to suit your necessities.
  3. This chimney guarantees you with a power stuffed execution dependably! One Year Warranty, Motor 5 year Warranty. Parts secured under guarantee: Rotor, Metal Grease Filters (All Electronic parts are secured under guarantee for the time of One Year from Date of Purchase.) (Glass is not secured under Warranty).
  4. The suction limit of the specific model of the kitchen hood speaks to the most extreme wind current limit of the engine a mass get together running at an ideal level with a conceivable +/ – 5%variation.

Product Information

Brand Elica
Price Range 9 k -10 k
Suction Capacity 1100 m3/hr
Stars rating 3.1

Pros and cons


  • Glass + Stainless Steel
  • Size: 60 cm, Suction (m3/hr): 1100
  • Color: Black, Filter Type: Baffle
  • Controls: Push Button


  • Sometimes noisy.


Below we have recorded Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney of India in our kitchen chimney price list which is utilized generally in Indian kitchens. Do contrast them and each other on below kitchen chimney price list.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Kitchen Chimney

Whatever the chimney for kitchen online you are going to buy, must fit in your kitchen, suction power, chimney filter types is comfortable with cooking habits. We are furnishing some of the tips must consider before buying chimney online.

  • Chimney filter types
  • Types kitchen chimney
  • Chimney suction power
  • Chimney size
  • Chimney design
  • Chimney ducting

Auto Clean Chimney Features – Just Press A Switch And Auto Clean

Since the auto clean chimney isolates out the oil molecule with its specific innovation the filter of the auto clean chimney does not get plugged as it occurs in ordinary chimneys. This implies the auto clean chimney will work with better suction and along these lines more viable than ordinary chimneys as its filters won't be blocked. The auto clean chimney gathers all the oil in the exhaust and in the kitchen air in a different compartment, which can be effortlessly expelled and cleaned and set back in. This is an extraordinarily favorable position and spares a considerable measure of exertion and time. The life traverse of auto clean chimneys is likewise more as the non-stick aluminum turbine blower inside it wipes off all oil and tidy particles along these lines expanding the life of its interior parts.

The auto clean best kitchen chimney gathers all the oil in the exhaust and in the kitchen air in a different compartment, which can be effortlessly expelled and cleaned and set back in. This is an extraordinarily favorable position and spares a considerable measure of exertion and time. The life traverse of auto clean chimneys is likewise more as the non-stick aluminum turbine blower inside it wipes off all oil and tidy particles along these lines expanding the life of its interior parts.

Kitchen chimney designs

There are two types kitchen chimney designs depending on the factor how they look.

  • Convectional
  • Contemporary

Ordinary kitchen chimneys made for complete practical utilize, are found in a large portion of the kitchens. Convectional chimneys are made of stainless steel and in straight line display. Convectional chimneys are economical. Convectional chimneys accessible with the ducted mode also without pipe/reusing. These sort chimneys are essentially centered around the execution. Contemporary kitchen chimney is designers one and for the most part utilized as a part of measured kitchens for style and grown-up toy. These chimneys are made of stainless steel with glass, precious stone with assortment shading red, white.

Kitchen chimney size

Thumb rule to decide kitchen chimney size is chosen kitchen chimney is of exact or greater size than a stove or hob size. Kitchen chimney size should be the size of stove or hob but never smaller than the stove, hob.

Chimney Suction Power

Chimney suction power relies on upon the extent of your kitchen and home. For a home with 1 to 3 rooms, 500 m3/hr to 650 m3/hr suction power chimney is adequate. Home with greater kitchen picks 650 m3/hr to 1000 m3/hr suction power chimney. If you're still in perplexity please run with taking after count method.

The thumb control for chimney suction power is kitchen ought to ready to changes the air 10 times each hour. It intends to ascertain the air volume in your kitchen by computing the volume of the kitchen then different kitchen chimney volume by 10.

For example, you have a kitchen of width 4m, length 4m, and tallness 2.5m. Computing volume of room w x L x H = 4 x 4 x 2.5 = 40m3. Presently numerous room volume by 10. 40m3 x 10 = 400 m3 . So chimney suction power must be no less than 400m3/hr. If it's not too much trouble read our article about chimney suction power for the entire picture.

Best Kitchen Chimney Brands

There are many well-known companies which offer Electric chimneys and kitchen chimney brands according to us are

#1 – Pigeon
#2 – Glen
#3 – Butterfly
#4 – Elegant
#5 – Signora Care

These are the best kitchen chimney brands in India and are picked based on a number of products available and popularity online.

Types Of Filter Present

Baffle Filters for Longer Filter Life

A filter is the heart of the Electric Chimney. It traps the oil particles and purifies the air. On the basis of material and construction filters are of three types.

Mesh Filter: Layers of Aluminum mesh overlapping each other slightly offset. The mesh has very small holes. When the air passes through the filter, oil and grime hold fast to the layers. The pores get obstructed soon and influence the execution of the chimney. Requires cleaning each fortnight. Higher support and successive cleaning is required for Indian kitchen in light of the fact that the masalas get covered onto the channel hindering the gaps and subsequently the suction power gets diminished.

Baffle Filter: Layers of steel/aluminum are covered in a manner which alters the course of wind stream. It utilizes the ‘cut and slash' innovation to separate oil and flavors from the smoke. The suction power gets scarcely influenced regardless of the possibility that the oil gets gathered in the principal layer. Ideal for Indian style of cooking. Support: Needs cleaning once in 2-3 months. Our models accompany simple evacuation method. Warm lather water/cleanser. Can be cleaned in dishwasher as well

Charcoal Filters: They are basically utilized for smell ingestion. It has a square with charcoal granules. The ingestion capacity relies on the thickness of channel and size of charcoal granules. It is utilized as a part of Ductless chimneys. It doesn't come in-inherent dependable yet accessible at an additional cost.

Combining the fashionable with the functional will depend on whether you’re starting with a new kitchen or enhancing an existing one. But rest assured – to suck up cooking smells, smoke and other air-borne particles from your saute panor electric skillet, there’s a solution just for you.

Extract or recycle? Some kitchen chimneys reuse utilizing channels: they give you a similar air back, yet cleaner. Others totally expel the air they separate by means of a conduit to the outside. Channel out frameworks additionally separate warmth and water vapor, things channel frameworks don't.

Great Looks. Potential outcomes incorporate forcing kitchen island hoods, smooth draw forward chimneys, settled visors and prudent under-cupboard models. Look over stainless steel bends, originator glass, characteristic wood cover, and utilitarian plastic. Blend and match with your dish, cast press grill, designer cookware and kitchen apparatuses.Power. Greater cooking surfaces and pans need greater chimneys with more power. Execution is measured in cubic feet every moment (CFM). Cooker sorts influence this as well. By the method for examination, if electric cooker needs 300 to 450 CFM, anticipate 600 to 1,200 CFM for gas.

Greater cooking surfaces and pans need greater chimneys with more power. Execution is measured in cubic feet every moment (CFM). Cooker sorts influence this as well. By the method for examination, if electric cooker needs 300 to 450 CFM, anticipate 600 to 1,200 CFM for gas.

Is it calm? Go for a chimney that is as tranquil as your fridge. Clamor yield is frequently measured in ‘sones'. An ice chest works at 1 sone (or 40 decibels), the typical discussion is 4 and light movement is around 8. Search for the sone appraisals on chimneys to perceive how they think about.

What would it be able to do? Essential manual controls are for on/off, fan speed and lighting. More advanced models have electronic controls and variable rates. Best models include sensors to distinguish warmth and air-borne particles from your skillet panor saute pan and naturally switch themselves on.

Simple to install? For bigger models, ensure divider or roof mounts can take the weight and get a companion to help you (or an expert installer). Pipe out models requires a conduit to the outside that ought to be sensibly short and wide.

Kitchen chimney price

Kitchen chimney in India price can range from Rs.4000. Marked straight line chimney cost shifts from Rs.4000 to Rs.5000. Kitchen chimney costs incredibly fluctuated depending upon the size. 60cm size chimney value run beginning from Rs.6000. Though, 90cm size chimney value begins from Rs.12000 in India. By the by the vast majority of chimney makers gives free establishment practicality. So no compelling reason to stress over establishment charges. But, if you will mount chimney extremely distant from the divider or outside fumes point, it needs extra ducting/funneling which soar the entire cost.

So What We Recommend

 All things considered, chimney these days is a must have a machine. In India, where dust is now a huge issue, you can't permit yourself to run with fatal grime. Also, the reason, kitchen chimney is must have item. After much research, our supervisor has recommended install with Hindware CLEO 60 which has more suction power, 60 CM of size, and powerful blower/engine. If size is the issue, you can likewise run with Hindware CLEO 90.

We hope you liked our information about best electric kitchen chimney and the top selling products that are listed here. All this information will help you in selecting the best kitchen chimney and if there is still any problem please leave the comment below.

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    1. Both are good according to functions they perform but I would prefer Hindware Cloe 60 over prestige one because of its brand and features.

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