Skil 6510 Impact Drill 450w 10mm Vari-Speed Reversible Review


If you are searching for an efficient and high-quality product for your household drilling chores, then you can check out this highly designed Skil 6510 impact drill machine. The most important feature of this drilling machine is that it will enable the user to take pleasure of the drilling task of your home in a small interval of time. Along with this feature, the smarter design of this Skil impact drill machine makes sure that the user can accomplish the task safely.This user-friendlily design of this Drilling Machine allows the drilling expert as well as the non-professionals to enjoy a hassle free and safe drilling task.

This machine is made of the premium quality material, this drilling machine is a perfect one to buy for your house. The unique and lightweight design of this high impact drill provides you a hassle-free experience every time. Now with this drilling machine, there is no need to wait for the plumber to come for drilling purpose of the walls and different types of surfaces for different drilling works like placing nails, etc. The different design of this Skil 6510 drilling machine enables the user to complete the drilling work at your office.

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Product Description


Brand Skil
Model Number 6510
Warranty 6 Months
Power Source Electric
Product Weight 1.5 kg
Power 450 Watts
Reverse Rotation Yes


Skil 6510

Features Of Skil 6510 Impact Drill 450w 10mm Vari-Speed Reversible

Easy to use

Skil 6510 Drilling machine comes with a series of features that make your task comparatively easier and diminishes effort such as the built-in speed control switch and the consistent drill mode, both of which enable you to go from 0 – 3,000 rpm in just a few seconds. It comes with a multi-use feature that enables easy switching between various modes.

Ergonomic design

It is specifically designed for convenient working, the Skil 6510 Drill machine contains an optimal grip that enables the stability while drilling. It comes with a special pistol type handle that makes drilling hard to reach and places a smooth task.

Variable speed trigger

Now control the speed of Drilling at which you are going to drill or screw driving with the variable speed trigger that helps you shift between various speeds with just one click of a button depending on different aspects of your project.

Powerful motor

With a high power output of about 450 W, this Skil 6510 drilling machine is one of the most powerful in available range with an impact rate of 0 – 48,000 bpm that enables drilling nicely perforated holes in the wall, concrete, metal as well as even plastic.


Skil 6510 is specifically designed to offer a speed of about  3000 rpm approximately and has the higher ability to drill holes in various walls, wood as well as concrete. It is specially equipped with a  reverse rotation feature that not only enables you to screw but also reverses the objects easily. It has an impact rate of around 48000 blows per minute and which offers to drill even on tougher surfaces. It is specially designed to deliver an impactful performance.

Pros & Cons:


  • This drill machine has been designed from high-quality material
  • The user can drill on the different surfaces by using this drilling machine
  • This drilling device comes with 10mm Variable Speed
  • This drilling machine features an all-plastic outer casing which eliminates the possibility of shock or accidents
  • Helps to create smooth holes without damaging the surrounding areas


  • The length of the wire is about 1.5 meters (Standard) Wish it was about 3-5 meters long as one will require an extension chord often.
  • Less power
  • Need efforts when it comes to concrete.


Customer Reviews And Ratings

“Ideal for home use. Very easy to use. The sparks issues which I had read previously is not something you should be concerned about. It does heat up a bit when you use it but all within a tolerable limit. The speed control in the trigger is very responsive which is very good.” – Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

Awesome product, worth more than the money paid.”– Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

If you are looking for the best drilling machine, then Skil 6510 Impact Drill machine is a good investment for you. I found 319 customer reviews at the time of writing this article and they had awarded this drilling machine 4.3 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The customer reviews are positive overall.  but there were a few negative points that came. One customer said, “The sparks issues which I had read previously is not something you should be concerned about. It does heat up a bit when you use it but all within a tolerable limit. ”However, no another consumer seems to have experienced the same difficulties, o perhaps it isn’t a major issue. So overall it is worth buying.


If you want to make your drilling work easier, simply use this drilling device. This robust and reliable structure of this drilling machine makes it really convenient for the consumer. you can work with this device properly. The safety measures in this drilling machine ensure that it will decrease the possibility of any type of accidents. If you wish to get this premium quality drilling machine at your home, buy Skil high-speed impact drill right now.This Skil 6510 is a great home improvement product to go for because it contains all the essential features to fulfill your purpose. You can either buy online or you can have it from your nearby store.


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