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reolink argus review

World’s First Wire-Free Battery-Powered 1080p Weatherproof Smart Camera

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What is Reolink Argus?

Reolink expects there is space for one more battery-powered security camera. And if they would like to carve out their own niche within a niche, they are going to have to provide the world something different. Presently, what they have is an inexpensive home security camera is effective indoors and outside. Not actually, however, it is slightly different from the competition.

The weatherproof design offers you almost no limited placement! You can place Reolink Argus wire-free security camera on a shelf or other flat surfaces, in baby’s room, pet’s room, garage, etc., or mount the camera to the wall, inside or out.

Motion Detection

Specifically, it employs a “smart PIR movement detector“. While a sleeping security camera isn't ideal, it's required to help the camera to conserve battery life. In testing additional cameras, everything I've discovered is that sleepiness can influence home security. Canary Flex, by way of instance, is frequently slow to wake up, and Arlo Guru requires approximately 6 minutes to wake whenever you would like to have a look at a live stream. Blink includes a leg up here since it has a very long battery life and it's “always-on”. I really don't understand, however, according to their Indiegogo campaign the camera will not sleep until motion is detected at which point it will “wake up at once”.

Notifications and Storage

After an event is discovered, Reolink Argus kicks into action. It will send a motion picture via email, audio a voice alarm, send a push notification to your phone and set a clip into the device's internal SD Card. You do not need to be concerned about your family's private minutes being hijacked on their way to an arbitrary server. CON: By a house security perspective, an SD card isn't sufficient. If someone sees your camera and decides to shoot it, you will have your email motion picture, however, you will eliminate all recorded footage.

Video & Sound Quality

In summary, it's the best. The 1080p resolution with 1120-degree viewing angle gives excellent clarity so that you can see faces as well as license plates at fair distances. The camera is limited to 15 frames per second, so while it will not give you smooth cinema quality, it may give you a terrific view of what is going on a is ideal for presenting evidence. I moved the camera around to a number of areas in my dwelling. With all the lights off in my home, I might still make faces out around the room. This attribute comes in super easy for the outside since the motion sensing can alert one to thieves or animals.

Storage and Access

First, you are able to record any place on a Micro SD card. I utilized a 16GB Micro SD card, which can save 2 months of regular motion activated clips. It's possible to update to as big as a 64GB Micro SD card if you like so that it is possible to store likely more than half of a year's worth of activity. That will push your recording capability well beyond what the four 3V batteries may capture. The Micro SD card storage option is fantastic for if you will need to set a camera somewhere outside of Wi-Fi variety, and can return later to swap batteries and retrieve the card.

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Here’s what you get in the box, all well packaged to arrive safely.

  1. Reolink Argus camera
  2. Four – CR123A batteries
  3. Magnetic base with mounting screws, anchors, and template
  4. Outdoor mount with mounting screws, anchors, and template
  5. Reset needle to press reset button if needed
  6. Tool to help open cover and insert & remove microSD card.
  7. Surveillance warning sticker
  8. Quick Start Guide

Long Battery Life, Up to 180 Days Standby Time

With advanced power-saving technology, Reolink Argus battery-powered security camera offers you up to 180 days standby time, no frequent battery replacement.

180 Days 

reo link review

 1080p Full HD & Night Vision

See everything in details with true 1080p Full HD. Get clearer and sharper images/videos than 720p cameras.
With exceptional 33ft night vision, you can see clearly even in the dark. Day or night, indoors or outdoors, Reolink Argus won’t stop protecting you. You can also check whether your baby is having a sweet dream at night on your mobile phones.

Get Remote Access Anywhere Anytime

Control hasn't been so simple with free Reolink Program! View your own family and house via your iOS and Android smartphones everywhere and anytime! Even if you're in your office or travelling, it is possible to assess what is happening to a home/business on the move!

Things I really like about the Reolink Argus

As long as you keep in mind the things I mention above to watch out for, this is a great little camera with a lot of potential uses.

  • You can place it almost anywhere there is a WiFi signal, like even in a tree in your yard!
  • Motion detection, night vision, 2-way audio, no wires – there’s a lot in a small package.
  • Great video and audio quality, with the option to save bandwidth if needed.
  • The Reolink App is reliable, easy to use, and full of features.
  • The Reolink Argus is a very well thought out and innovative design
Reolink Security Cameras

Product Highlights:

No demand for base stations, put it in your infant's or pet's space, porch, etc., indoor & outdoor.
PIR Motion Sensor – Highly sensitive detector detects human motions and provides virtually no false alerts.
IP65 Waterproof Indoor & Outdoor — Weatherproof to withstand outside environment and shield your house regardless of rain or shine.
Two-Way Audio – Listen in to what is going on and speak back via the built-in microphone & speaker.
1080p Total HD – Deliver crystal images/videos in authentic 1080p Total HD and stream live feeds in HD, no grainy or fuzzy images/videos.
Instant Motion Alarms – Get instant program push notification, email & audio alarms when motion is felt.
Free & Intuitive Reolink Apps – It sends you alarms permits you to pan and tilt, streams live video and lets you capture or record images with the click of a single button.
Rapid Wake-Up – Wake up at once when being obtained via mobile programs or motion is detected.
Extended Battery Life – Advanced power-saving technology service around 180 days standby time, frees you from regular battery change.
Decent 33 ft Night Vision — HD quality camera with built-in infrared LEDs empowers users to see around 33 feet at night or low light conditions.

Final Thoughts

Reolink Argus is now smashing its target on Indiegogo. The campaign ends in 5 days, and they have already raised 3,439 percent of their objective. You may still pre-order one camera for $80. The camera also ships at no cost, and they hope to begin shipping this month and continue shipping into June.

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  1. I purchased two cameras through Reolinks website. I had several problems with the cameras one being my wife could not connect her phone to the cameras, it never alerted me when someone like the UPS delivery man came to my door and walked right past the camera also when I would try to view the area of the cameras were covering sometimes they would work sometimes I would get a message saying could not connect to camera. I decided they’re not for me and I would go with a better system through a different company and wanted a full refund. I sent the two cameras across the country to Compton California which cost me $20. I don’t have anything that states when I purchased them but I gave their representative my name my wife’s name and my email address thinking they could pull me up in their system and process my refund. They stated they had no record of anything which I find it hard to believe they seem very unorganized. So so far there’s been no resolution to this problem I would NOT recommend purchasing anything from this company they don’t stand by their products.


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