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A Mixer Grinder is a general term which evolved in India for the Indian kitchen blenders. The origin of the term ‘Grinder' in the ‘Mixer Grinder' combination has to do with the grinding of masalas, which were earlier done on a stone grinder. Read this Mixer Grinder Buying Guide.


Mixer Grinder Buying Guide

Why Should You Buy A Mixer Grinder? Mixer Grinder Buying Guide

Ginger-garlic paste, red and green chili paste, dry ground flavors, chutneys, and masalas frame a fundamental part of Indian cooking.This is the thing that makes a mixer grinder an imperative apparatus to an Indian kitchen. As in past times when all the masalas were ground physically on a granulating stone, in today's hectic circumstances, it is difficult to contribute so much time and energy on the task of mixing and grinding. Therefore, a mixer grinder that can crush food into a considerably better paste in a matter of minutes by a press of a button has turned into a necessity. You require a mixer grinder for such bother free grinding and pureeing.

Top 5 Mixer Grinders In India

Top 10 Mixer Grinders In India 2017 Reviews

What Are The Different Types Of Mixer Grinders?

There are two fundamental kinds of mixer grinders accessible in the market today. One is a juicer mixer grinder and the other is a mixer grinder. You can purchase a juicer mixer grinder for its additional advantage of a juicer alongside the typical mixer grinder. That way you don't need to purchase a different juicer for making new squeezes. Read this Mixer Grinder Buying Guide.

What Features To Consider While Buying The Best Mixer Grinder?

Price And Budget

Obviously, this is the most vital factor that one considers. The cost for the best juicer mixer grinder ranges anything between Rs.1000 to Rs.4000. The size and components affect the cost. Besides it is likely that you'd as of now have a budget at the top of the priority list to stick to. So this actually turns into an imperative angle that needs thought.

Type Of Machine

You can ether go for a mixer grinder or a juicer mixer grinder. A mixer grinder can only be used for beating, mixing, whipping or reducing food to smaller size, but if you want to derive the benefits of a juicer as well, it will be best to have a Juicer Mixer Grinder.


A mixer grinder that can work well in more than one speed option will provide you better control while using various ingredients.

Over Load Protection Function

Regularly, individuals tend to grind more material in the jug than as far as possible. This may prompt over-burdening of engine lastly, wearing out. Henceforth, an uncommon relay called as electrical switch is available that works like a typical wire in the house. Read this Mixer Grinder Buying Guide

Number Of Jars

Various numbers of jars are available in different sizes and capacities with various models of juicer mixer grinders in India. More the quantity of jars, more functions you’ll be able to carry out with your grinder.

Locking System

Consider buying a grinder in which the machine does not start until the jar is securely locked with the unit. This is an important feature that you must look out for, considering it to be a safety option. Read this Mixer Grinder Buying Guide

Safety Tips

  • Ensure the power button and further more the primary power supply catch are killed when you are stacking ingredients into the JMG
  • Ensure the attachment is all around earthed to diminish shocks
  • Guarantee the cover of the jug is firmly shut when you begin the machine
  • The machine base is typically given slip-verification feet, however for wellbeing and steadiness, put the apparatus on a level stage
  • Try not to leave the machine unattended when it's working
  • Run the machine with satisfactory water while making purees
  • Try not to add hot fixings to the jugs, as it might harm the sharp edges and the container walls

Final Words

I have put my earnest attempts to help you locate the best mixer grinder in India for your kitchen. Hope this post would help you discover one. Mixer grinder is an unquestionable requirement machine for the kitchen as a result of day by day uses and its multi-reason usefulness makes it an important thing for housewives. You can choose any brand or model of your decision yet search for client reviews and ratings which will help you in settling on a superior choice. Read this Mixer Grinder Buying Guide and buy the best mixer grinder.


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