Maharaja Whiteline RH-109 Blaze Quartz Room Heater Reviews


Room heaters, also called as space heaters are usually used to warm up all kind of small spaces. They are also portable heaters which can also be carried along wherever you want to go. Maharaja presents to you the Maharaja Whiteline Quato Room Heater, which is also called a radiative heater. It is a very smart as well as compact room heater which works with the help of Quartz tubes. Therefore, they are also known as  Quartz heater. If you’re searching for a smart as well as easily affordable and cheap room heater, this Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater is a good investment for you. The heater is available in gray color on different e-commerce sites.

Winter season is approaching fastly and now it's time to get ready for this season. Other than buying extra woolen blankets, a better choice would be to get a room heater. So bring home this quartz room heater by Maharaja Whiteline and heat different rooms accordingly and fight the freezing cold this year. Because this room heater comes with quartz tubes, you definitely require to turn it on to get its full benefit. The temperature of such quartz tubes is much higher as compared to other heaters, hence making it a durable option.This room heater will not only heat the room but also helps to regulate energy consumption. Go through Maharaja Whiteline room heater price in India.

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Product Description

Brand Maharaja Whiteline
Item Weight 1.5 Kg
Power 800 watts
Operating Voltage 230 volts
warranty 1 year
Heat Settings yes


Features Of Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater (RH-109 Blaze Quartz) 


This Maharaja Whiteline Quato-rh106  Room Heater does not have any capacity since it is a room heater that gives heat using Quartz tubes. It has two heat settings also to enable consumers to heat accordingly.

Incoloy Heating Element

The heating element which is used in this powerful Room Heater is Quartz tubes. The radiator produces heat with coiled heating wires inside the Quartz tubes. It does not even have a blower. It also has two heating elements with a fan.

Tank Coating

The Maharaja Whiteline Quato-rh106 800watt Room Heater also has a metal housing as well as a metal reflector. Also, the outer tank is corrosion free.

Preset Thermal Cut-Out

This efficient Room Heater does not contain a  Preset Thermal Cut-Out feature. So you have to turn the heater on and turn the heater off according to your requirement and make sure that it is not overheated.

Rated Water Pressure

There is no water pressure involved with the Maharaja Whiteline Quato-rh106 Room Heater. This heater works on the metal coiled quartz tubes as well as the metal reflector. It provides much-needed warmth.

Heat Retention

This  Room Heater also has heat retention feature. The room heater gives high temperature so it is left with warm for a while even after the switch is turned off. This saves a lot of energy and cost of electricity.

Power Consumption

The Maharaja Whiteline Quato-rh106 Room Heater generally comes with two heat settings that enable you to adjust the power consumption. These two settings also involve power consumption of 400W and 800W. It comes with a power voltage of 230V.

Other Important Features

This power-saving Room Heater is also a low budget room heater to be used during the winters. It is specifically designed for low power consumption and has two heat settings. It also provides safety with tip over switch Quartz tubes. The product is also ISI marked.

Pros & Cons:


  • Elegant design
  • 2 heat settings: 400/800 watts
  • Easy to carry and safe tip over switch
  • Quartz tubes
  • Designed for low power consumption
  • ISI marked
  • Power: 800 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 volts


  • Heat capacity is also so low

Customer Reviews And Ratings

“I placed an order for the Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater for my medium-size bedroom (15’x15′). The heater itself is very compact and an all plastic affair. The power cord has a 15A plug and it is recommended to use a 15A socket to ensure that up-to 2KW power can be provided to the heater.” – Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

“This is more like a room warmer. If you have a 12×15 room it warns it up comfortably in an hour or so. If you plan on using it your hall or open living room then this might not work that great, it can provide sufficient warmth for 2-3 ppl sitting near it. I highly recommend it ”– Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

If you are searching for the best room heater for your home without much hassle, this Maharaja Whiteline Room heater is obviously a very good investment for you. I found 35 customer reviews at the time of reviewing this product and they had awarded this room heater 3.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The customer reviews are positive overall.  But there were a few negative points that came in front of me. One customer also said that “.A Little bit noisy.Noise is higher than that of a normal fan which can disturb your sleep slightly. The plug will not fit into the normal socket.”However, no another customer seems to have experienced the same difficulties, so perhaps it isn’t a very major problem. So overall it is worth buying.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an efficient heater for the medium room that comes under budget this is one of the best options. Considering its safety levels and power consumption I will award 4 stars.Be smart, if you are confused about which room heater to purchase, Try out Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater to choose appropriate room heater as per your family needs.It’s one of the smartest ways to choose the products without going through buying guides. It is appropriate to say that Maharaja Whiteline room heater is worth buying this winter.This smart and compact room heater warm up an entire room, making it the most versatile heating choice. It is certified by ISI, so you can be sure of its durability.


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