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There has been a tremendous increment in water purification awareness today and India has turned into a hotspot for water purifier makers. Entering of different producers in this opposition of offering best kent water purifiers, has brought about a reduction in costs, much to the formal of basic natives. Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier is one such spending model, accessible with immense rebates on Amazon. It is now an outstanding brand that utilizations propelled UV innovation and its reality class advancement in plan and multi-organize filtration system. How about we read more about this, most publicized and acknowledged kent water purifier.

Kent is a standout amongst the most famous brands of social insurance items on the planet. Being the human services items producing organization, it holds its vision in making the world a solid and glad place to live in. The firm incepted the term RO and brought the progressive Reverse Osmosis (RO) innovation to India. It has additionally presented many innovatively advanced social insurance items beginning from Water Purifiers to Air Purifiers and from Vegetable and Fruit Purifiers to Water Softeners.

It has additionally presented many innovatively advanced social insurance items beginning from Water Purifiers to Air Purifiers and from Vegetable and Fruit Purifiers to Water Softeners.

Kent has an extensive variety of water purifiers that are sold in India and over the world. Kent Ultra UV water purifier is a favored decision by all. The model accompanies exquisite design, imaginative innovation, and simple operations and tastefully it turned into the best kent water purifier that is cherished by all. It has fantastic purification capacity and this guarantees you would have the capacity to drink pure and immaculate water each time you need to.

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Technology Used

UV Purification

Kent RO SYSTEMS, appropriate from the date of initiation has guaranteed to make the world a cheerful and healthy place. The firm with its imaginative thoughts and forefront innovation has concocted fresh idea in order to make the life more unadulterated. The organization incepted superb techniques for water purification and has helped up the water filtration handle with UV for Kent Ultra. Kent being the harbinger in the field of kent water purifier, holds a better position on the planet as far as water purging innovation.

The purification procedure through Ultraviolet beams would annihilate the suspended debasements, expel tidy, sand, microscopic organisms, infection, synthetic, pesticides and so on from the water in this manner making the water 100% unadulterated for drinking. Kent with Ultraviolet purification innovation conveys the purest water to drink each time you need to.This Kent Ultra UV water purifier would give you a chance to avoid the waterborne diseases.

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Product Description

Brand Kent
Installation wall mounted
Warranty 1-year warranty
Model Ultra
Maximum Duty Cycle 120 Litres/Day

Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier Features:

3-Stage Purification

The water purification procedure for the Kent Ultra UV water purifier is based on a 3-stage advanced purification process. It uses a mixture of UV Disinfectant, activated carbon and a sediment filter to give you safe and pure drinking water.

  • Sediment Filter: This is the first stage where 5micron sediment filter removes visible particles and suspended sediments from the water.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: At this stage, color and taste of water are passed along to the basic function of this filter, to eliminate 99% of organic chemicals and chlorine.
  • UV Filter: At this level, 11W UV lamp’s role comes into play. This lamp radiates an ultra-violet wavelength sufficient to kill invisible cysts and other viruses in the water.

WQA Certified

The Kent Ultra UV water purifier has been tested for performance and quality by the WQA (Water Quality Association) in USA. It has been awarded a Gold Seal certification which means the purifier complies with all the testing standards of the WQA.

Convenience Features

This Kent Ultra UV water purifier has a unique feature called UV Fail Alarm. This feature sends you an alert to let you know when the UV Lamp becomes inefficient. The power supply to the kent water purifier is cut off, ensuring that no impure water reaches the user. It also has a built-in SMPS that supports a wide range of input voltage.

High Power UV Lamp

The Kent Ultra UV water purifier uses a high-powered 11W UV Lamp to deactivate harmful micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses.

Durable Design

This kent water purifier is made from food-grade, non-breakable ABS plastic which ensures higher durability and longevity of the purifier. A food-grade certification means that the shell prevents any harmful chemicals from entering the water. It also has push-fit components for lesser leaks.

Pros & Cons:


  • Lightweight as it is plastic made
  • Installation is done within 48 hours of call
  • Installation is done in neat clean manner
  • Installation guy pleasant and friendly
  • Seems to have all function of Eureka Forbes classic model at half the price
  • 3 filter like Eureka Forbes classic model


  • No storage tank

Customer Reviews And Ratings

“The Kent Ultra UV water purifier gives completely fuss free service. The Kent service personnel came the next day and It is very easy to install. Operation wise also it is very smart and it starts pouring water immediately on pressing the ‘ON-OFF' Button.” – Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

“Good product. I have been using this for a few months now. I am quite impressed. The installation was also done promptly. ”– Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

If you are searching for an efficient water purifier without making a hole in your pocket, this kent water purifier is obviously a  good investment for you. I found 79 customer reviews at the time of writing this product review and they had awarded this Kent Ultra UV water purifier 3.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The customer reviews are positive overall hence this kent water purifier is worth.

But there were a few negative points raised in front of me. One customer also stated that “ Giving 3.5 rating to the product as The product was defective. Its plug was not working. On replacing the plug, the filter is working as expected.  ” However, no another customer seemed to have experienced the same products, so maybe it isn’t a very major problem. So overall this Kent Ultra UV water purifier is worth buying.


Kent water purifiers experience stringent quality tests and won numerous awards from both local and global organizations. Kent Ultra UV water purifier has one of the best disinfectants for drinking water because of its un-coordinated high-control UV light. It is low valued since it utilizes just UV filter which is adequate to expel infection and microscopic organisms however it doesn't evacuate large amounts of pollutions like substantial metals or rust. If you have been drinking water coming through the nearby pipeline, then purified water from this model, will doubtlessly spare you from numerous normal diseases that undermine your health day by day.

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