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When we are uncertain whether the water from our tap is fit for drinking or not, we have to introduce a purification system that leaves no degree for contaminations to exist in our drinking water. The very affordable HUL Pureit Ultima RO UV water purifier review plastic water purifier uncovered the tap water to the most recent Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet advances, also called RO and UV, liberating it from 1 crore infections in a matter of minutes. The 1-year guarantee on this clean purifier is an additional advantage.

Enjoy good health with the Hindustan Unilever Pureit Ultima RO UV water purifier. Its 6-stage purifying system guarantees the water is 100% RO and UV filtered, and spotless and safe, for utilization. The 6 phases incorporate a pre-dregs filter, pre-RO carbon filter, post-carbon residue filter, turn around osmosis layer, UV reactor, and post-RO carbon filter. It has thin-film composite winding injury layer system and 24 V DC, stomach pump to finish the turn around osmosis refining process for included security. Made of nourishment safe and non-poisonous plastics, it offers 10 liters capacity and stream rate of up to 9 to 12 liters for each hour. Check out latest Pureit Ultima Price now.

RO UV water purifier

About Pureit

The greatest challenge confronted by Pureit is to give safe drinking water at a reasonable cost. Some Pureit purifiers give safe drinking water at a running expense of the only Re1 for 4 liters without the utilization of power or ceaseless water supply. The progressed in-house water purification system utilized as a part of Pureit meets the criteria set by administrative organizations like EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), USA to give water that is sheltered from microorganisms which cause the water-borne illnesses.

Pureit Ultima RO UV Water PurifierIntroduction

The Pureit Ultima a smooth, compact water purifier that gives safe drinking water, which agrees to US EPA standards for safe drinking water. This RO UV water purifier has measurements of H 486 x W 360 x D 311 mm and weighs 9.5 kg and is accessible just in black. It can be wall mounted which improves the insides of the kitchen where it is typically introduced.

Pureit Ultima has a capacity of 10 liters which is adequate for a major family or little office too. The water stream rate is around 9-12 liters for each hour that guarantees that everyone gets protected drinking water at whatever time and without fail. This RO UV water purifier chips away at an extensive variety of info voltage that range from 150-300 V AC, at 50-60 Hz.

The Ultima utilizes 60 W of energy which is somewhat higher than most other water purifiers. This water purifier utilizes 6 phases of purification to guarantee the most secure drinking water. The six phases incorporate pre-filtration for silt evacuation, pre-RO carbon filter, post-carbon dregs filter, RO film, UV and post Reverse Osmosis carbon filter.

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Product Description

Brand Pureit
Purification Stages 6
Capacity 10 Litres
Model Pureit Ultima
Color Black

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Hul Pureit Ultima RO UV Water Purifier Features:

water purifier in india

6 Stage Purification Technology
The procedures of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultra-Violet (UV) treatment are the two most recent contestants regarding water purification innovation, which not just expel the strong dirt from the water additionally dispose of natural debasements that are brought about by microbes and infection. The water in Hindustan Unilever Pureit Ultima RO UV water purifier review plastic water purifier is made to bear a 6 stage purification handle that utilizations RO + UV innovation, in this manner giving it the finest purifying treatment and a characteristic taste.

Advanced Alert System
The advanced alert system in the Hindustan Unilever Pureit Ultima RO UV water purifier is a help for its clients. This purifier with immaculateness indicator helps you in monitoring the use of the Germkill unit and carefully notifies you around 15 days ahead of time at whatever point the Germkill pack should be supplanted.

90 percent TDS Reduction
The energy of this purifier to diminish up to 90 for every penny of the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) ensures you get earth free water that is free from moment strong contaminations like salts, iron, metals and so on. It additionally helps the water in holding the fundamental minerals which make the water more advantageous for your body.

Purification Capacity
With a purifying capacity of about 9 to 12 liters of water in an hour, this purifier will always have fresh and pure water stored for you. Now you will never run out of pure drinking water.

Storage Capacity
A massive storage tank of 10 liters ensures you get ready-to-drink water in an instant. This water purifier will quench the thirst of your entire family and even that of unexpected guests.

RO Protection Lock
Even if you are unable to replace the Germkill kit in your purifier, you will get pure drinking water with the RO Protection Lock in this RO Protection Lock purifier. It is designed to automatically cut off the flow of water to the Germkill kit so that you get fresh perpetually.

Engineering grade plastic body
The Hindustan Unilever Pureit Ultima RO+UV nourishment review plastic water purifier is made utilizing sustenance safe building plastic material. This non-flimsy purifier utilizes non-lethal plastic that does not respond to the water inside, keeping it unadulterated and crisp for quite a while.

Pros & Cons:


  • Water purifier is wall mountable so does not involve space on your ledge
  • The 6 stage purification guarantees protected and immaculate drinking water that cling to worldwide wellbeing gauges
  • It is anything but difficult to clean with substitutions effortlessly accessible.
  • The smart sensors ready client what should be changed incorporating the blame in electrical also.
  • The neon streak belt illuminates when being used showing activity and the neon streak light looks great as well.
  • Ultima is known to expel more than 1 crore infection.
  • Hard water with TDS 2000 ppm is effortlessly mellowed and winds up plainly consumable.
  • The purifier body is made of nourishment safe, non-dangerous plastic.


  • Price is slightly on the higher side.
  • Power consumption is a bit higher too, which slightly increases your electricity bills
  • Installation cannot be done by self as it is wall mountable.
  • Replacement of cartridges and membrane can be done by service personnel at their service station only.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

“I have used it before also in my native and after one and a half year of use very much happy and satisfied then I order one more for my use in Bangalore also a same model but this time ordered through amazon.amazing delivery and got only at 17000 where as shop price 20000” – Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

“Excellent product. Looks very elegant and is very easy to use. Promised delivery by amazon. It was very well packed and also had no hassles for installation. ”– Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

If you are searching for an efficient water purifier without making a hole in your pocket, this Pureit ultima RO UV water purifier is obviously a  good investment for you. I found 403 customer reviews at the time of writing this product review and they had awarded this Water Purifier  3.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The customer reviews are positive overall hence this Pureit ultima RO UV water purifier is worth.

But there were a few negative points raised in front of me. One customer also stated that “ The only problem is that it does not let you take water from its 10 LTR tank if there is no power as the tap is also electric. ” However, no another customer seemed to have experienced the same products, so maybe it isn’t a very major problem. So overall this Pureit ultima RO UV water purifier is worth buying.


Overall this RO UV water purifier does what is intended for. PureIt mark has best in class benefit from the organization. It has great evaluations in online networking. Our rating is 4.5 out of 5. Be smart, if you are as yet confounded about which purifier to purchase, try our Water purifier selector to pick right featured water purifier according to your family necessities. Check out latest Pureit Ultima Price now by clicking the button below.

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