How To Select Best Air Cooler In India – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2017


Air coolers are one of the best cooling answers for areas that face dry summers. They are prominent on the grounds that they are economical to utilize and are eco-friendly. Picking the correct air cooler in India, however, can be the confusing task. There are a lot of choices in the market and numerous more things to consider. In this article, we investigate all the necessary components one ought to consider while purchasing a best air cooler in india.

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Types of air coolers

  • Desert air coolers

Desert air coolers are for the basically utilized as a part of dry atmosphere areas. They are generally bigger than personal air coolers and are intended for cooling large rooms. They utilize expensive water tanks and have immense fans that can convey cool air to the most remote corners of the room. Desert air coolers are more best if you need to utilize them outside, for instance, on your patio or terrace.

  • Personal air coolers

Personal air coolers are more best for spots that face humid climate conditions. They are particularly intended to be utilized as a part of little or particular areas of the room. They are known to use less energy and are additionally calmer than desert air coolers. They have littler water tanks yet are fit for giving cooling to hours.

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Key features to consider

Once you have decided on the kind of cooler you would want, you need to decide a model which best suits your requirements. Here are some of these features.

1.Water tank capacity

Air coolers make use of an evaporative cooling procedure. In this way, water is converted into water vapor, that reduces the temperature of the air blown by the fan or blower. It’s important to have air coolers that have large water tanks. Larger the water tank, the longer the air cooler will run. You need to choose an air cooler that has a water tank that’s the accurate size for your everyday use.


just as same as an air conditioner, it's necessary to purchase an air cooler that fits the span of your room. Wind stream of an air cooler is likewise measured as far as CFM (cubic feet every moment). The CFM signifies the measure of air cycled into your room every moment. You can pick the correct size for the air cooler by computing the CFM required for your room.

3.Cooling Pads

Cooling pads directly affect the cooling of an air cooler. They ingest water and permit air to course through them to cool it. Thicker the cooling pad, the better the cooling. Cooling pads are by and large made of aspen or cellulose material. Both have their favorable circumstances and impediments. Aspen pads are made of wood shavings and manufactured fiber. They are less expensive, require high support and have a shorter life. Cellulose cooling cushions are otherwise called honeycomb cushions, generally on the grounds that they resemble a honeycomb.


One of the significant reasons why individuals don't lean toward purchasing air coolers is on account of they consume up space and don't run well with the style of the room. Nowadays, makers have models with smooth and beautiful designs. Tower air coolers are right now a standout amongst the most drifting variations in the market. They take up less floor space, however, are still sufficiently effective to be utilized as a part of huge rooms.

Cooling Pads


Air coolers are rated by air delivery or the cubic feet per minute of air that the cooler can blow into your home. You can use the simple formula to identify the proper size of air cooler that you need.


So if you have a room of 500 sq feet with ceilings of 8 feet high then

( 500 X 8 / 2 ) = 2000

Hence, you will need a cooler with a minimum air flow of 2000 cfm.

All air cooler in India will clearly define the air delivery.

 I hope you have found this guide useful and now you can select the best Air cooler in India for your home under your budget with great features.
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