Hindustan Unilever (HUL) Pureit Marvella RO-UV Water Purifier Review


HUL water purifier has become the world's biggest selling water purifier with a nearness spreading over 9 nations and items are based on the most recent water purification advances. Pureit offers 2 models with RO+UV innovation. This is what Pureit Marvella RO+UV hul water purifier brings to the table.

The Pureit Marvella RO + UV hul Water Purifier is in the boondocks of water purification technology. With 90% TDS diminishment, a 10-liter water storage capacity and 100% clean water because of Germkill™, you and your family are guaranteed safe drinking water. The item is made of food safe, non-harmful plastic and meets all wellbeing and security models. Furthermore, the Pureit Marvella RO + UV hul Water Purifier has a smooth body which will fit into any present-day kitchen and accompanies a one year guarantee. The unit is outfitted with an auto shut-off which guarantees least water wastage and your genuine feelings of serenity.

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Technology Used

Pureit Marvella purifies water with its RO (Reverse Osmosis) + UV (Ultra Violet) innovation. 100% of water is handled through a 6 stage purifying innovation which incorporates a pre-residue filter, pre – RO carbon filter, post-carbon silt filter, RO film, UV reactor and post carbon filter. This guarantees all infection, microscopic organisms, chemicals and destructive articles are filtered to yield purified water. The normal purified water stream rate is around 9 to 12 liters for each hour relying upon water TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), weight and temperature.

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Product Description

Brand HUL Pureit
Warranty 1-year warranty
Model Marvella
Storage 10 L

Hul Pureit Marvella RO UV Features:

Build & Design

The body is made of non-lethal designing evaluation plastics which is food safe and BPA free. This prevents terrible smell and any types of microorganisms. The design is very smooth with a dark title page and an aluminum strip in the inside. Dissimilar to the Pureit Ultima which has a blue lit computerized display panel. Pureit Marvella has a dash with 4 little pointers which illuminates for water storage in a tank, pre-residue filter substitution, germ kill pack 1 and 2 replacements.The gadget helps you to remember the germ unit substitution 2 weeks in front of its lifecycle, water purification stops if the filters are not supplanted in time.

6 Stage Purification Technology

The Pureit Marvella RO UV hul Water Purifier utilizes a 6 stage water purification handle. The advanced innovation incorporates residue filters, pre and post carbon filters, osmosis layers, and UV filters to ensure a balanced water purification prepare that will ensure safe drinking water. Contingent upon the utilization the unit additionally accompanies two different sorts of Germkill™ filter films these eventual the CSF Germkill Kit™ and the Membrane Germkill Kit™.

TDS Removal up to 2000 PPM

The Pureit Marvella guarantees a minimum removal of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) up to 2000 PPM. The unit has been built to remove a minimum TDS of 200 mg/litre and a maximum of 2,000 mg/litre.

Purification Capacity

Depending on external factors such as water pressure, water flow, etc., and the Germkill™ kit in use the Pureit Marvella hul water purifier can filter between 4,000 to 8,000 litres of water.

Pros & Cons:


  • Good Build quality and good service whenever needed.
  • Quick water filter and quality of output water are very satisfactory.
  • Good Looks since it is covered (helps to complement Kitchen looks)


  • Could have been a little cheaper.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

“Have been using this unit for a month or so now and am very happy with the delivery and the result of the product. Water quality is considerably better than the “20 liter Bisleri” that I used to buy. Had reached out to customer service for an installation job and the serviceman and the advisor over the phone were both very professional. A big thumbs up to HUL and Croma. Splendid job guys.” – Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

“I am very much satisfied and thankful to you that I am so much satisfied after using pureit water ourifier.The quality of purification and taste of water is so natural that gives me pleasure ”– Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

If you are searching for an efficient hul water purifier without making a hole in your pocket, this hul water purifier is obviously a  good investment for you. I found 79 customer reviews at the time of writing this product review and they had awarded this water purifier 3.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The customer reviews are positive overall hence this hul water purifier is worth.

But there were a few negative points raised in front of me. One customer also stated that “ The membrane filter gets damaged every 2/3 months and need replacement. I tried to escalate to the highest level but the story is same. Also there r a few electrical parts that need replacement every 5 months.  ” However, no another customer seemed to have experienced the same products, so maybe it isn’t a very major problem. So overall this hul water purifier is worth buying.

Should I buy a Pureit Marvella.?

Well, Pureit Marvella is a decent item with extraordinary features and innovation. If you are searching for a decent HUL water purifier for your family and can extend your budget, you can truly consider Pureit Ultima. The key differences between Pureit Ultima and Marvella are the computerized display panel, delicate touch water apportioning, ready system and double stream tap. These features are accessible in Pureit Ultima.


Pureit Marvella RO hul water purifier is worked with modern RO innovation which gives 100% immaculate and safe water as well as evaluates abundance broke down polluting influences (TDS) to give water that is unadulterated and top notch. It has one of a kind Advance Alert Systems which gives you 4 different notices including a 15-day progress ahead of time before the RO film close off.

The triple confirmation of security with RO+UVM+ROPL guarantees that you generally get 100% unadulterated water. pureit marvella ro uv has a special ‘RO Purity Lock system' which close the water stream after the life of Carbon and the RO Membrane is over which guarantees you don't drink perilous water even unintentionally. pureit marvella ro uv has 9 liters of capacity tank, So you don't have to fill vessels or water bottles.

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