Bosch GSB RE 450-Watt kit (Carton Box) Drilling Machine Review


It is crucial for everybody to have a toolkit at hand because it is useful whenever you wish to take up repair work or renovate your home. If you are searching for a drill machine for the purpose of carrying out a repair work at home or even for professional work such as in an office, look no more since this Bosch GSB 450 RE impact drill kit will manage most of your hardware fixing works.
The toolkit contains a drill machine along with a wide range of hand tools. Made up of fine-quality material, this toolkit is probably easy to use. This amazing toolkit from Bosch is compact in size and also has a very simple design. It contains a 10 mm drill machine having 450W power. Bosch GSB RE 450 also consists of numerous hand tools as well as various insert bits for the drill machine to work. The drilling machine weighs  1.4 kilograms and is portable because it is easy to carry around. This Bosch GSB RE 450 is a good compact replacement for all your small tools. This Bosch GSB RE 450 comes with all the required accessories that are required to carry out small fixes at your home and office. An important aspect of this toolkit is that it has a very durable construction. This toolkit also comes with a warranty of 6 months.

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Product Description

 Brand  Bosch
 Color  Blue
 Product Dimensions  42 x 12 x 33 cm
 Shipping Weight   2.4 Kilograms
 Item Model Number  GSB 450 RE
 Primary material  MS and Plastic
 Power  450 Watts



Bosch GSB 450 RE Carton Drill Kit contains several accessories  which can be explained as follows:

1. Drill Kit– which consists of several kinds of drills according to the surfaces.

2. Hammer Drill- It is useful for drilling efficiency.

3. Portability-It is very handy and can be easily carried anywhere.

4. Power-It uses 450 w of power.

5. Screwdriver– It can also be used to insert the screws.

Features Of Bosch GSB RE 450-Watt kit (Carton Box)

Storage And Maintenance

This Bosch GSB 450 RE impact drill kit is very portable while traveling and is a very useful product. It consists of a compact storage box which makes it easier to carry.It keeps all the tools safely in its case when they are not in use.


Bosch GSB 450 RE Carton Drill Kit is a very high performing drilling machine. This product is preferred mostly because of its brand name ”Bosch” which will never disappoint. This particular drill has  a heat-dissipating mechanism which is very useful for long usage. The drillers can be easily chosen according to the surface where you want to work. This five stars rated product has a lot of satisfied reviews which is  good enough to convince you to purchase this product.

Ease Of Use And Ergonomic Design

This product is available in a compact kit, this Bosch GSB RE 450 product will surely attract you with its  design and smooth finishing as well. Unlike other drilling machines which are heavy, this lightweight 1.5 kg drill makes hard jobs like repairing and fixing simple and hassle-free. Now, you can take charge of your own work.

Forward/Reverse Mode

The forward mode helps you to insert the nails, screws, and bolts whereas on the other hand, the reverse mode helps in the removal of the same things. You can now also easily switch between the forward and reverse modes with just a click  button and you are ready to go!

Usage Of All The Components

This user-friendly kit features a strong 450-watt hammer drill that has a reverse function for wood, concrete, and metal. The kit also contains 4 concrete drill bits that have a diameter of range 6, 8 and 10 mm, and 4 wood drill bits with a diameter range of 6, 8 and 10 mm for enabling tear-free application and a smooth finish. We also offer 10 screwdriver bits to insert screws in fixtures, tables,  doors etc. Also with a collection of 30 screws as well as nylon plugs, you are going to get a clean finish and strong accessories to support all your wall hangings and paintings.

Steps for changing bits

While changing bits, you have to turn off drill function and proceed to the key chuck placed at the bottom of impact drill and then loosen the bit holder at the tip of your drill. Follow steps by inserting your key chuck in the holes around the holder in order to loosen it, after which you can easily remove the current bit. Thereby, you can now fix your new bit as deep as you wish into the key chuck and save the holder into place.

Impact and screw driving mode

It is specially devised for a consumer-friendly experience, the rotary function enables you to easily punch clean and make holes on metal as well as wooden surfaces, while the drill function enables you to do the same work on concrete surfaces. The rotary mode of this machine is applicable for screw driving function also. Bosch GSB RE 450 has rapid hammering option that produces  41,600 blows per minute.

Bosch GSB RE 450

Pros & Cons:


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Power input of 450 W
  • Forward/reverse rotation
  • Impact rate of 0-41600 BPM
  • Electronic speed control enables fingertip control of power.
  • Compact design with soft grip, low weight and is easy to handle which ensures optimum user comfort and maximum performance for every job.
  • Convenient to work, due to integrated switch for continuous operation.
  • Drill/impact drill function switch, to use it with different types of material.


  • Nothing much, But an extra handle would have been better.
  • Extension cord must be bought separately.

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Customer Reviews And Ratings

“Works very well but you need good knowledge on choosing the correct driller rod since the end result purely depends on it. The black ones are for wooden and the silver for wall mountings.” – Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

“I had never carried out any DIY tasks myself before, but using this powerful tool, without any difficulty I was able to fix couple photo frames on the wall. The best part is it doesn't make that much annoying noise, compared to other power tools that I had seen with some carpenters before while drilling in the concrete. It can operate with ease. Build quality is very good. Accessories that were included are really helpful. Overall, it's a good one.”– Reviewed by verified amazon customer.

If you are willing to look for a good water geyser without much hassle, this Bosch GSB RE 450 Drilling machine is obviously a  good investment for you. I found 346 customer reviews while writing this product review and they had awarded this Bosch GSB RE 450 Drill machine 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The customer reviews are positive overall hence this geyser is worth.  But there were a few negative points that came in front of me. One customer  said that “Extension cord must be bought separately.”However, no another customer seemed to have experienced the same difficulty, so probably it isn’t a very serious problem. So overall it is worth buying.



Bosch GSB 450 RE Carton Drill Kit is a worldwide liked and accepted product for drilling. The product is highly recommended because of its high usage. You can surely go for it without a second thought if you are searching for quality and assurance.

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