Top 5 Best Drilling Machines In India : Reviews & Price Comparison 2018


Looking for Best Drilling machine in India? Here is the brief best drilling machine buying guide to help you. Two reliable brands which you should consider are Bosch, Black & Decker. There are hundreds of Drilling machine models that are available in the market and selecting the best drilling machine is a tough task. To make your task easy, we have done hard work and prepared this top 5 best drilling machine reviews list. We have made drilling machine price list to help you in making a better decision by comparing the top selling models.


# 5 Black & Decker KR554RE 550-Watt 13mm Variable Speed Reversible Hammer Drill Machine

black decker kr554re 550 watt 13mm variable speed reversible hammer best drilling machine

  1. Black & Decker KR554RE is one of the best drilling machine in India. The device features the chuck capacity of 13 mm and has an impact rate of 47,600 BPM.
  2. This device can penetrate materials like wood up to 20 mm, steel up to 13 mm and masonry up to 13 mm. The device Powers  550 Watt, hence it is highly efficient. You can also control the speed of this device with a speed controlling switch on the top of the device. This is best drilling machine from our point of view. The drilling machine price is also affordable
  3. The Reverse Brush System is provided in this device that provides full torque and power usage.
  4. The body of the machine is made up of shockproof plastic. Another advantage is that the device comes up with a 6 months company warranty.

Top 10 Drilling Machine price In India

Top 10 Bosch Drilling Machines In India


  • Powerful 550 Watt motor
  • Easy switch between impact and drilling mode
  • Drilling diameter in concrete 13 mm, in wood 25 mm, in steel 10 mm, in masonry 13 mm
  • Forward/reverse rotation for screw driving applications


  •  Also, this drill machine does not come with drilling bits


 # 4 Bosch GSB450RE Impact Drill Kit With Carry Case & Smart Kit Review

bosch gsb450re impact drill kit with carry case smart kit

  1. This is a Multi-functional drilling product that can easily drill materials like masonry, metal, plastic Screw driving, brick wall, and wood. This is second best drilling machine in our list.
  2. The bosch drilling machine is one of the best drilling machines which can easily fix all the applications. The powerful motor and the robust technology made this device hassle-free working and weighs only 1.5 kg. This impact drill is excellent for pivot drilling and also for the forward and backward rotation. This drilling machine price is also affordable as compared to other drilling machines.
  3. This Bosch drilling machine has the excellent set of features at a very affordable price. The drilling diameter of this device is 10 mm.
  4. The body weight of the Bosch drilling machine is 1.4 kg without the cord, hence this is the most lightweight machine. This drill features a no-load speed of 2600 rpm and has a rated power of around 450 watts. This is a must buy the product for your office and home usage.


  • Variable speed option
  • Reverse Brush System.
  • Ergonomic design with optimal grip positions
  • Warranty: 6 months


  • Expensive.

# 3 Skil 6510 Impact Drill 450w 10mm Vari-Speed Reversible

skil impact 6510 pistol grip drill 10 mm chuck size 450 w

  1. This Skil 6510 Impact Drill from the Skil features forward/reverse switch. The variable speed function makes it suitable for the screw driving and also for removing the old screws.
  2. You can efficiently use this drilling machine for creating bigger holes and other cutouts. Users can do this only by using Hole saw cutter which is provided as an optional attachment.
  3. This dilling machine is Perfect to use for household drilling tasks and this best drilling machine at lowest cost.
  4. We recommend you this device as you can easily switch the speed of the machine with a built-in two fingers variable speed trigger on the top of the machine.
  5. The drilling capacity is 10mm (Steel), 30mm (wood), and 16mm (masonry). The total net weight of Skil 6510 Impact Drill 450w is only 1.8kg. Get it for the professional usage; it’s worth every single penny.


  • Helps to drill concrete, wooden and metal 
  • Pistol-like grip  
  • Robust and reliable 
  • speed rate up to 0/3000 rpm


  • None found.

# 2 Bosch GSB 501 Professional Review

bosch gsb 501 professional

  1. The device is very much compact in its design and can be used easily. Buy this best drilling machine at low cost.
  2. The device is very light which makes the machine a comfortable to use. The product features an electronic control which can help you in pilot drilling.
  3. The manufacturers have built a rotating brush plate, for both forward and reverse rotation, which makes your work more easy and simple.
  4. The power output of this device is 250 watt. This drilling machine has three different drill bits sets for metal.

# 1 Bosch GSB 600 RE Smart Drill Kit – 13mm 600w

drilling machine price

  1. Bosch, the name itself suggests that it does not need a review. This drill is suitable for your domestic use as well as for the professional usage.Hence, This is best drilling machine in india according to our research.
  2. The speed trigger can help you experience a variable speed with this machine. This is a multi-functional tool, with a two-way hammering and drilling mode selector switches available on the top design of this machine.
  3. Get ready to penetrate materials like wall, plastic or wood; and trust us you would never regret this deal. This is one of the best drilling machines, as this drill comes with a double insulation for a high safety.


  • Impact Rate 0-41600 Bpm
  • Easy to use  
  • Material: MS and Plastic
  • Used for minor plumbing  


  • Expensive.

Best Drilling Machine Buying Guide For India

A power drill machine can be defined as an amazing utility device, which should always be handy at any home. Searching for the best drilling machine is not an easy job as one thinks it is. Are you looking for high-speed drill machine or for a lightweight model?. Also, There are so many things that you need to keep in mind before you plan to buy the best drilling machine for your work or home?.

  • Lightweight And Compact Design

Always go for the device which is easy to handle. A lightweight machine is easy to hold, and the compact design will help you to work more efficiently. Also, You can also choose from the machines which come with a detachable handle and a soft grip feature

  • Powerful Motor

A strong power system is a must when you plan to buy a Drill Machine for your usage. Also, There are various types of Drills that are available with 450 to 600 watts of power. The power is the key to decide which machine is perfect to solve your purpose. Also, Choose from the available drills and decide from which you can pierce plastic, wood, concrete, and metal.

  • Multi-Functional Drilling

The user can shift effortlessly in between drilling and the screw driving modes and that can be done only by putting on the switch which is present on top of the drill. There are designs which feature the speed trigger function and an electronic control that allow you to use the product for the exact pilot drilling.

5 Best Drilling Machine Price List & Comparison Table

ProductFeatureBUY NOW
bosch-gsb450re-impact-drill-kit-with-carry-case-smart-kitBosch GSB450RE
Power - 450 W
Price - 2.7 k - 4.2 k
Weight - 1.7 kg

bosch-gsb-600-re-smart-drill-kit-13mm-600wBosch GSB 600 RE
Power - 600 W
Price - 4.6 k - 7.2 k
Weight - 1.7 kg

bosch-gsb-501-professionalBosch GSB501 Professional
Power - 500 W
Price - 2 k - 2.5 k
Weight - 2 kg
black-decker-kr554re-550-watt-13mm-variable-speed-reversible-hammer-drill-machineBlack Decker KR554RE
Power - 550 W
Price - 1.9 k - 2 k
Weight - 2.3 kg

skil-impact-6510-pistol-grip-drill-10-mm-chuck-size-450-wSkill Impact 6510
Power - 450 W
Price - 3 k - 3.2 k
Weight - 1.8 kg


Our team has worked really hard to present you the 5 best drilling machine that are easily available to you in the Indian Market. However, If there is still any issues or confusion in buying the best drilling machine for personal or professional use. Please comment below we will be happy to help you in the best way we can. Keep shopping, Good Luck!.


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