FIXD Active Car Health Monitor Review : Does It Really Works?

FIXD Car Health Monitor

FIXD is the innovative organization behind the telematics stage that empowers you to effortlessly engage with your users and their vehicles when they require you the most. The FIXD platform computerizes your marketing so you are the first to engage with a user the minute they have maintenance or repair need.

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The FIXD stage gives you the quickest, most entire approach to put your users at the center of all that you do. Below is Fixd review to help you out.

The FIXD takes symptomatic information specifically from the fixd car diagnostic itself and makes an interpretation of this information into basic data that is displayed through a cell phone application to enable fixd car diagnostic owners, give them certainty when managing mechanics, and deliver convenience. Just go through Fixd review. You may check out fixd price by clicking the button below. Fixd has helped many users in saving $1000's in car repair and their FIXD Reviews will blow away your mind. You should definitely take a look at the FIXD reviews given by users the n comments section below.


  • Helps you understand what is wrong with your car, warns you of consequences, and tells you what to do
  • Translates the engine lights and technical fixd car diagnostic jargon for you
  • Reminds you of scheduled maintenance
  • Plug into your car and it's ready
  • FIXD app is sleek and simple

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How FIXD Active Health Monitor Works

FIXD Active Car Health Monitor Review

1.The FIXD arrangement works with any vehicle sold in the United States after 1996, and comprises of two components the FIXD vehicle sensor, and the FIXD application. Every car made after 1996 has a port in the dashboard called the OBD-II, or the On-Board Diagnostics-II port.

2.By drawing this data from the car and transmitting it to a cell phone through Bluetooth, the FIXD solution gives basic, conceivable, and significant data. Each time a driver enters their car, the FIXD arrangement gives a quick announcement by means of the FIXD application that conveys an up-to-date health report on their car.

3.If the car is in great mechanical request, users are given a green “good to go” sign, yet different mechanical issues, if present, will cause the application to display either alert or warning signs. Users can see a detailed clarification of every individual issue in the vehicle, alongside a clarification of what will happen if the issue isn't settled instantly.

4.By looking at the normal repair cost for each and every possible repair process in the US, the fixd car monitor application is even ready to give an exact evaluation of what it will cost to have the issue settled. The FIXD Active Car Health App sldo gives car owners a convenient service course of events that presents users with a detailed list of services that should be performed by pulling odometer information.

5.The FIXD Active fixd car diagnostic Health App can also screen different cars that are fitted with the FIXD vehicle sensor, enabling families to track the health of every FIXD car diagnostic in one place. FIXD make their application accessible for both iOS and Android cell phones, and, in particular, utilizes industry driving encryption and health conventions to guarantee the security of user information, keeping unapproved users from getting access. You may check out fixd price by clicking the button below

Quick FIXD Guide

Engine Light

engine lightGet notified when the check engine light comes on and see how many problems were detected.

Wireless Syncing

wireless syncingSync data wirelessly and automatically to your smartphone through bluetooth when in your vehicle*

Maintenance Timeline

Maintenance TimelineSee the manufacturer recommended maintenance timeline for your vehicle so you know when you’re due for service.

No Charging Required

Our sensor uses vehicle energy to stay charged and uses to a low-energy mode so it won’t drain your battery.

Multi-Vehicle Control

Remotely monitor the health and status of other vehicles with a FIXD sensor

Vehicle History

Vehicle HistorySee a history of problems detected in your vehicle to keep a running log.


What Are Its Advantages
  • The FIXD App and FIXD Sensor provide you with an understandable definition for your cars check engine light
  • FIXD gives you the Severity and Consequences of each Check Engine Light
  • FIXD reminds you when your fixd car diagnostic needs Scheduled Maintenance
  • FIXD even allows you to clear the Check Engine Light
  • Comes with the free FIXD iOS and Android Apps
  • FIXD is compatible with any gas-powered vehicle, 1996 or newer (does not work with all-electric or diesel trucks)
Feature Outcome
Cable Length 0 inches
Compatible Devices iOS devices must be an iPhone 4s or newer, running iOS version 8 or higher, Android devices must be running 4.0.3 (“Ice Cream Sandwich”) or higher
Compatible Cars Works with any gas-powered vehicle with a model year 1996 or newer (no all-electric vehicles or diesel trucks).
Product Dimensions 2.75 x 2.75 x 1.75 Inches



The fixd car monitor is the main solution available that can accomplish for your fixd car diagnostic what antivirus accomplishes for your tablet. At just $59 USD for one FIXD Active Car Health Monitor, it's far less expensive than using a repair shop each time your motor light goes ahead, and can possibly save you a huge number of dollars over the long run. Hope our Fixd review helped you.

FIXD is also right now running a promotion in which buyers are offered half of the cost of their second fixd car monitor when acquiring two in the meantime, making it an awesome time for families that possess two vehicles to accomplish true peace over the mechanical status of their cars.


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