5 Best Air Cooler Under 10000 That Will Change Your Mind

5 Best Air Coolers Under 10000 That Will Change Your Mind

best air cooler in india

Summer is coming soon and probably, You have been searching for appliances that can provide you chill air at very inexpensive cost, so here we list out Best Air Cooler in India.We list out these Air Coolers according to its Performance, build quality, consumer review and ratings. Our team tried and restrained cooler quality too.

Summer is the best season to purchase an air cooler if you are not in a mood to invest so much money in purchasing an  AC. There are a lot of benefits for air coolers. Buying online is the best way to save money because online stores gives huge discounts and also replacement guarantee

Top 5 Best Air Cooler In India Comparison Table

Symphony Diet
Rs. 5,000 -
12 L3.4
Bajaj Torque
6,000 - 7,000
36 L2.9
Symphony Ice Cube
5,000 - 6,000
17 L3.0
Symphony Diet 50i
Rs. 9,000 - 11,00050 L2.3
Crompton Marvel-PAC201-20-Litre-Evaporative-Air-Personal-Cooler
Crompton Marvel
5,000 - 8,000
20 L3.0


Top 5 Best Air Cooler In India Reviews

Now Let's take a look at some of the best selling air coolers online which have some really good features and they cool room in few seconds.

#1 Symphony Diet 12T 12-Litre Air Cooler (White)

Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre Air Cooler


  1. The Symphony Diet 12t cooler is a sleek air cooler best for your home. This appliance is economical and perfect for day-to-day usage.
  2. It has a water storage capacity of 12 liters. Also, this air cooler has a strong air throw of 1,000 cubic meters, effectively cooling up any room in minutes.
  3. You can succeed the speed of the fan with the option to select between high, medium and low speed. Also, you can purchase Symphony air cooler online at an inexpensive price and enjoy cool air all the time. This can be your best air cooler. Grab the best air cooler in India

Product Information

Brand Symphony
Model Diet 12 T
Colour White
Capacity 12 L
Stars rating 3.4
Price Range Rs. 5,000 – 6,000

Pros and cons


  • Product Dimension: 30cm x 33cm x 84.5cm
  • Powerful air throw, high-efficiency honeycomb pads, and automatic louvers
  • Multi-directional wheels and ice chamber
  • Cooling Area (Mtr.3/Ft.3): 28/1000


  • Customer service not good.

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#2 Bajaj Torque PX97 36-Litre Room Cooler (White)

Bajaj Torque PX97 36 Litre Room Cooler


  1. Bajaj PX 97 torque is a reliable, compact and movable room cooler which can be situated in offices and in bedrooms for better cooling,
  2. It is made from rust-free, engineered thermoplastic ingredient which makes it a reliable performer, it usually comes with castor wheels for portability and works on powerful motor that produces less noise,
  3. This room cooler from Bajaj has 36 liters of water tank capacity, and 4-way air deflection system, its cooling capacity is about 150 square feet and the air throw distance is 30feet it comes with a cold trap technology for better distribution of cold air and has better air delivery of 1300 meter cube per hour.
  4. This Bajaj Cooler is the top seller this summer so you can think of this as your best air cooler for this summer. Grab best air cooler in India

Product Information

Brand Bajaj
Model PX97 Torque
Colour White
Capacity 36 L
Stars rating 2.9
Price Range Rs. 6,000 – 7,000

Pros and cons


  • Low noise all season air cooler with fan
  • Powerful air delivery of 1800 cubic meters per hour (peak) and 1300 cubic meters per hour (average)
  • Powerful air throw 30-feet with cooling capacity of 150 sqft
  • Chill trap technology and four-way air deflection, inverter compatible


  • Small in size.

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#3 Symphony Ice Cube 6.5/8.5 kg, 105 Watts Air Cooler (White)

Symphony Ice Cube 105 Watts Air Cooler


  1. For best cooling, the Symphony air cooler usually comes three-sided sided cooling pad. It also makes use of dura-pump technology for long lasting life.
  2. You can simply move this appliance about the house because of its robust, multi-directional wheels. The Symphony air cooler Ice Cube usually comes with a mosquito net to reduce damage caused by insects and dust.
  3. In the case of a power cut, this appliance runs on an inverter too, providing you nonstop coolness all the time. What's more, you can place this appliance in any room of your choice. Buy best air cooler in India

Product Information

Brand Symphony
Model  Ice Cube
Colour White
Capacity 17 L
Stars rating 3.0
Price Range Rs. 5,000 – 6,000

Pros and cons


  • Product Dimension: 450mm x 305mm x 701mm
  • Dura-pump technology, auto louvers, multi-directional wheels and powerful air throw
  • Three side cooling pads and powerful fan


  • A bit noisy sometimes.

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#4 Symphony Diet 50i 50-Litre Air Cooler with Remote

Symphony Diet 50 Litre Air Cooler with Remote


  1. Progressive Intelligence meets advanced electronics. This cooler usually comes with a digital control panel as well as a remote control.
  2. It requires less space and produces unbelievable energy efficiency. And it is incorporated with iFunctions.
  3. Purchasing an air cooler can be simple but you require to go for the renowned ones, you may be stuck with one that doesn’t actually cool your room.
  4. This cooler comes with a guarantee period of 1 year which makes it very dependable. The Symphony Diet 50i Air Cooler will not break open easily and will last you a long time.
  5. It is also one of the best-selling cooler so you can consider it as your best air cooler in India.

Product Information

Brand Symphony
Model Diet 50i
Colour White
Capacity 50 L
Stars rating 2.3
Price Range Rs. 9,000 – 11,000

Pros and cons


  • Dura-pump technology
  • Empty water tank alarm
  • System restore function
  • High efficiency honeycomb pad


  • Little Expensive

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#5 Crompton Marvel PAC201 20-Litre Evaporative Air Personal Cooler

Crompton Marvel PAC201 20 Litre Evaporative Air Personal Cooler


  1. With the Crompton Greaves PAC 201 air cooler leave the problem of heat, dust, and dirt behind. This similar personal air cooler is a must buy for all small spaces. Go For best air cooler in India
  2. With a compact design, it will nicely fit into any interior design setting. It also comes with powerful cooling technology in the form of powerful air throw, speed control as well as air deflection mechanics.
  3. The air cooler contains plastic castor wheels for maximum ease of portability. Its motorized louver mechanism and water level indicators make the machine even more convenient to use.

Product Information

Brand Crompton
Model ACGC-PAC201
Colour White
Capacity 20 L
Stars rating 3.0
Price Range Rs. 5,000 – 8,000

Pros and cons


  • Dimensions: 64.5 x 44.5 x 42.5 centimeters
  • Capacity: 20 liters
  • Power: 130 watts


  • Expensive.

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Types of Air Coolers Present In India

1.Desert air coolers

Desert air coolers are widely used in climate areas. They are generally larger than individual air coolers and are made for cooling huge rooms. They have large water tanks and contain huge fans that can produce cold air to the farthest corners of the room. Desert air coolers are more preferred if you wish to use them outside, like, on your terrace as well as backyard.

2.Personal air coolers

Personal air coolers are more preferred for spots that face humid weather situations. They are generally made to be used in small as well as particular areas of the room. They are popular to use less power and are also silent as compared desert air coolers. They have smaller water tanks which are capable of giving cooling for hours.

Advantages Of Using Air Cooler

One advantage is the electricity these products actually use when performing, this can be much lower consumption compared to the handy air conditioner. This generally means inexpensive power bills that everyone wants these days, with the price of fueling our homes increasing everyone is looking for the most efficient way to heat and cool their properties.

Another thing to notice about the handy air cooler is which it will only cool a certain area of the room, they are not made to cool the entire area like air conditioners actually are. This is a benefit for the cooler since you can keep it near to a person to get the highest cooling, there is no reason of cooling the entire room down when it is you that requires keeping cool.Go through air cooler reviews carefully.

Here below you can find the List of Top 5 Best Cooler in India Brands and dominate models at cheaper costs with full functions and price list. All these air coolers are well trusted, quality assured and most renowned models. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for you all to get rid of the hot summer side effects while purchasing the best air cooler in India.

Why You Should Go In For An Air Cooler Compared to Air Conditioner

Air coolers are much inexpensive as compared to air conditioners, and turn out to be a high value for money. Some of the best air coolers are available within 5000 rupees. Also, air coolers use much less electricity as compared air conditioners, that means your electricity bills will be much lower.

Air coolers are also a much more natural and eco-friendly way of cooling your home. It uses only water and air to cool the house. They are very eco-friendly and also natural living friendly.You do not require to keep the room closed with the similar air circulating, On the other hand, you can keep windows open, get a fresh breeze and keep your room cool.

Air coolers are also very easy to install and do not need heavy wiring and power sockets. They come in many sizes and if need be you can even choose the best air cooler in India.

They are quite cost-effective and also less power. They do not cause any environmental pollution and available as per your requirement. Grab the Best Air Cooler in India to beat this summer. When trying to keep the home cool in summer many people look towards the handy air cooler to accomplish this, there are many advantages of using an air cooler compared to an air conditioner. Buy best air cooler in India

Best Air Cooler Brands

  1. Symphony
  2. Bajaj
  3. Crompton Greaves
  4. Kenstar

Top 10 Best Air Cooler Comparison Video

Key Features To Consider Before Buying Best Air Cooler

Once you have decided which type of cooler will suit to your need, you require deciding a brand that best fits your requirements. Here are few of these functions.

Water tank capacity

Air coolers generally make use of an evaporative cooling manner. In this manner, water is transformed into water vapor, that diminishes the temperature of the air blown by the fan as well as the blower. It’s necessary to have air coolers that have huge water tanks. Wider the water tank, the longer the air cooler will work. You need to choose an air cooler which has a water tank which is the accurate size for your everyday usage.

A larger room would also need an air cooler with a larger tank. Both, desert as well as personal air coolers come with a huge range of water tanks sizes. Personal air coolers have tanks of 20 to 30-liter capacities while desert air coolers capacities vary from 31 to 50 liters.


Similar to an air conditioner, it’s necessary to purchase an air cooler which fits the size of your room. Airflow of an air cooler is also calculated in terms of CFM (cubic feet per minute).

The CFM means the amount of air cycled into your room every minute. You can select the accurate size for the air cooler by measuring the CFM needed for your room. You can calculate the needed CFM by dividing the cubic feet of your room by 2. Let us suppose, if your room is 300 sq feet in size, with the ceiling at a height of 10 feet. Then the CFM needed would be 1,500.

The airflow of an air cooler also majorly depends on whether it uses a blower or a fan. Fans can produce airflow with low pressure but in large volumes; they are generally used in big air coolers. Blowers, on the other hand, can make high-pressure airflow at high volumes, that is the reason they are used in smaller models. While purchasing an air cooler, you should also go through models that have multiple speed settings.

This enables you to manage the airflow, hence controlling the temperature of the room. Many air coolers incorporate a three-speed regulator at the least. You can also search for an air cooler with automatic louver movement, that ensures the passage of cool air in all directions. This function is particularly necessary for desert air coolers which are used in large rooms.

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads have a direct impact on the cooling of an air cooler. They absorb water and allow air to flow through them to cool it. Thicker the cooling pad, the better the cooling. Cooling pads are generally made of aspen or cellulose material. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Aspen pads are made of wood shavings and synthetic fiber. They are cheaper, need high maintenance and have a shorter life.

Cellulose cooling pads are also known as honeycomb pads, mostly because they look like a honeycomb. They are thicker in comparison to aspen pads and have low maintenance and a higher life. They cost a little more but are also known to be more cost-efficient.


One of the popular reasons why everybody doesn't like purchasing air coolers is because they take up a huge space and don’t go well with the decoration of the room. These days, producers have models with compact and stylish designs. Tower air coolers are presently one of the most popular forms available in the market. They take up less floor space but are still powerful enough to be used in big rooms.

Air coolers that work on inverters

Air coolers are already popular for their low energy usage. Some producers today have added to that function by presenting air coolers which can even work on inverters. These air coolers use up to 50 percent less power than a fundamental air cooler. They are the best choice for you if your home faces continuous power cuts.

Remote control function

For quick access to settings, look for an air cooler that comes with a remote. Remotes for air coolers will let you control the speed of the fan so you don’t have to get up over and over again to change the settings.

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Final Verdict

These were all good air coolers to give you good Air but if you are still not satisfied with these then you can take a look at Voltas VB P15M Personal 15-Litres Air Cooler it is quite popular among users and is selling like crazy go and take a look at this hope you might like this.

There you have it, a detailed buying guide of the best air cooler in India 2017 that will enable you to choose the right air cooler for your home. Before you go out searching for models, be clear about the sort of air cooler you desire, depending on the climatic conditions in your region. Also, choose the best water tank capacity that gives maximum cooling without taking up a lot of space.

You can ask us questions in comments below we would like to answer them and help you find the best one under your budget.

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